How to Choose the Best Anti-Harassment Training Program

How to Choose the Best Anti-Harassment Training Program

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Sourcing the right compliance training partner is critical to your culture and potentially to your company’s financial welfare and reputation. To have a successful eLearning anti-harassment training program, it is important you select a single-source partner you can rely on for the long term.

Hundreds of companies offer anti-harassment online training videos and learning management systems. How do you make an educated decision, especially one that’s so critical to building a workplace culture of respect, safety, and fairness?

This white paper dives into questions to ask potential eLearning providers during the selection process not only for an anti-harassment training program but for a single-source partner for all your compliance and training needs. We explain why asking specific questions is important and offer “green and red lights” to help you decide when to move forward and when to no longer pursue that provider.

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