Bringing Human Performance Fundamentals to the Workplace

Bringing Human Performance Fundamentals to the Workplace

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Pro athletes train rigorously, pushing their limits, to make sure they perform at their peak when it's game time. The mental and physical toughness they develop prepares them to face unexpected obstacles head-on. In the same way, workers need training programs to develop skills to face the unexpected. These skills include cognitive abilities, agility, decision-making, and precision. The training programs are designed to enhance their expertise, maintain proficiency, and advance capabilities. While they may not be gearing up for the big game, workers can reach a high performance level through robust training and rigorous performance standards.

This white paper explains human performance to help trainers conduct comprehensive evaluations, generate insightful reports and implement strategic approaches to improve performance. It focuses on how to prioritize human performance in the workplace and provides stories of organizations that successfully apply it.

The Human Performance white paper provides an outline to help you implement human performance in your organization and encourage all employees to keep improving.

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