Lamb Weston

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About Our Customer

Have you ever had a French fry in Japan? Because that’s where 65% of Washington’s potato crop ends up, and if you’ve had a fry overseas, you can probably thank Lamb Weston. Lamb Weston is one of the mid-Columbia’s most successful brands, selling frozen French fries and potato products internationally for over 60 years. The company is known for pioneering advancements in the frozen foods industry, with too many patents to list. Lamb Weston is the largest potato company in North America, with annual sales of approximately $2 billion. Lamb Weston has over 10,000 employees.


What’s it going to cost to develop and run a custom training program for highly technical material? And what’s the return on that investment? Lamb Weston was looking to convert complex engineering content into an efficient training course for new engineers. But with these skilled professionals working all over the country, and no experience in instructional design or training systems, there was a big question of expense that the company needed to answer before committing to development.


Lamb Weston needed to train its engineers in critical new processes related to building, retrofitting, and repairing, complicated food manufacturing systems responsible for the success of several key product lines.


A custom, online safety training program, to greatly simplify administration of the program, and get a handle on resolving the concerns around providing this special training to workers spread across the nation.


The custom training program was a success based on the feedback from Lamb Weston’s senior engineers, supervisors, and managers, all especially pleased with the interactive graphics designed to make complex calculations understandable, interesting, and relevant.

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