How to Calculate and Maximize the ROI of your EHS Platform

How to Calculate and Maximize the ROI of your EHS Platform

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How leadership needs to be thinking about the ROI of EHS systems, and how you can get buy-in

If your organization isn’t already looking at deploying an EHS software platform, you’re at risk of falling behind. Cloud-hosted deployments are now the standard across all industries. Aside from other benefits, they allow storage, analytics, and management of huge amounts of data. In a Verdantix survey, 53% of respondents to their yearly EHS budget survey indicated they were increasing their EHS budgets next year.

Your biggest risk is waiting. The benefits of deploying an EHS software platform are significant savings in both direct and indirect costs as well as a substantial reduction in operational risks.

EHS software greatly reduces potential risks for an organization. The software can help identify issues before they can do harm, thereby eliminating injuries, illnesses, and cost. In addition to risks to human capital, Deloitte found that 41% of companies that experienced a negative reputation event reported loss of brand value and revenue.

Businesses know this, but it can be hard for the EHS leader to get executive buy-in. Download this whitepaper so you have the information you need to help your organization make an informed decision:

In addition to this, you should check out our Buyer’s Guide to EHS Software to help research what you need to know to make the right EHS platform choice for your organization.

Want something simple to show? Pass along this ROI of EHS Infographic!

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