Unlocking the Secrets of Knowledge Transfer

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Businesses go to great lengths to contain risk. Industrial companies – such as power providers, manufacturers, and oil and gas firms are no exception. One vulnerability in these companies is the loss of hard-won operational knowledge. It’s not just retiring workers – all age groups and demographics are part of the knowledge gap.

This white paper examines the forces supercharging this risk for utilities, manufacturers, oil and gas enterprises, and the entire industrial spectrum. It also offers ideas on what steps leaders can take to mitigate or even reverse labor attrition’s worst effects with knowledge transfer.

You’ll discover what knowledge transfer is and how it can help you identify, capture, and document the information critical to your organization’s success. You’ll also learn the four key steps to move high-value knowledge from employee to employee:

  1. Identify your experts
  2. Capture their knowledge
  3. Promote the knowledge transfer
  4. Partner with an expert as needed

Capturing, preserving, and sharing your organization’s most valuable operational knowledge is important. You likely work with field, floor, and support people who represent skill sets that help define your organization’s essence – whatever it is that sustains your enterprise through business ups and downs. Make sure you harness that understanding so everyone in your organization benefits.

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