Webinar: Vaccination and Test Tracking – Keeping Workers Safe

Webinar: Vaccination and Test Tracking –  Keeping Workers Safe

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Looking for a way to log, track, and maintain employee vaccination status and test results? Unsure what the latest federal guidelines are for vaccination tracking? Want to understand what the business benefits are, aside from compliance?

HSI Chief Safety Officer, Jill James, and Product Manager, Sara Pajda, hosted this webinar about HSI’s VaxSafe – a solution that simplifies COVID-19 workplace vaccine management and tracking, and helps you meet federal OSHA standards.

This webinar covers how to decipher the pending federal ETS regulations for vaccination and test results tracking, as well as the benefits your business can achieve with a vaccination management system. There is also a full product demo of VaxSafe so you understand how it can work for you, including features such as:

A few resources on this topic is streamlined version of the OSHA COVID-19 ETS on vaccines and testing, as well as an Organizational Self-Assessment tool.

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