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Imagine you're in your usual day-to-day setting, and suddenly, you're faced with a situation you never thought would happen­—an active shooter event. It's scary to think about, but being prepared can make a world of difference. At HSI, our training is not just about teaching you the steps, it’s about empowering you with the confidence and skills to act swiftly and effectively in these critical moments.

Active Shooter Drills with HSI

Why Active Shooter Drills Matter

Let's face it, the world can be unpredictable. Active shooter incidents are a reality we can't ignore. That's why at HSI, we believe in the power of being prepared. Our active shooter drills during training sessions are more than a routine, they can serve as your playbook for safety in the most unexpected situations.

Active Shooter Drills Benefits

HSI's Unique Training Approach

We know that every second counts in an active shooter situation. That's why our training is realistic, hands-on, and immersive. We focus on what matters most—situational awareness, clear communication strategies, and immediate, effective response techniques. It's not only about cognitive learning, but also about hands-on practice to help you retain what you’ve learned.

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Two Ways to Get AVERT

HSI offers two ways to get the AVERT program:

1. Contact us for on-site training for your organization.

2. Individuals from your group or company can take our Instructor Development Course (IDC).

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Stop The Bleed Instructor

Contact us for more information on active shooter training and emergency stop the bleed techniques taught in the AVERT program.

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Active shooter instructor training

Become A Bleeding Control Instructor

Train others in active shooter safety techniques and emergency bleeding control with the AVERT Instructor Development Course (IDC).

Find an Instructor Development Course

Either way you choose, with AVERT you’ll get:

In a world where safety can't be taken for granted, being prepared for an active shooter situation is crucial. At HSI, we're dedicated to providing you with training like AVERT that could make all the difference. It's not just about being ready; it's about being AVERT ready.

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