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Colorado Active Shooter Preparedness with AVERT

Colorado, like so many other states in the US, has sadly experienced several active shooter incidents. Apart from the horrific 1999 Columbine High School shooting, there has been the 2021 Aurora incident, along with Denver, Lakewood, and Colorado Springs all having experienced such active violence more recently. These have led to an increased emphasis on Colorado active shooter training and preparedness with programs such as AVERT.

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Colorado Active Shooter Preparedness with AVERT

Colorado Active Shooter Training

Colorado Active Shooter Training programs have become vital and AVERT (Active Violence Emergency Response Training) is available to give individuals and organizations the tools to respond effectively to a CO active shooter situation. AVERT provides education and training on how to recognize the signs of a potential active shooter situation, respond effectively and rapidly, and minimize casualties through methods such as stopping life-threatening bleeding. AVERT training also covers situational awareness and response strategies to help participants to react quickly, stay calm, and keep focused.

In addition to Colorado Active Shooter Training programs, there are several steps that can be taken to improve your organization’s active shooter preparedness. Training your people to be aware of their surroundings, to pay attention to unusual activity and/or behavior, and to have a plan in place for responding to an active shooter situation is critical. Overall emergency response plans should include the identification of exit routes as well as safe places to take cover or shelter in place.

Organizations in Colorado can take further steps to improve their active shooter preparedness. These can include practicing response strategies and focusing on areas for improvement. Organizations, whether houses of worship, schools, businesses, government entities, or entertainment venues should also develop emergency response plans that include specific protocols for responding to a Colorado active shooter situation. These plans should be reviewed regularly and frequently updated.

Active Shooter Training by AVERT

Additional Colorado Active Shooter Preparedness

Along with professional training and preparedness from a program such as AVERT, it is vital for individuals and organizations to continue to remain vigilant as well as proactive in their approaches to Colorado active shooter preparedness. This should include a focus on ongoing training and education, regular active shooter drills and preparedness exercises, as well as staying current on the latest organizational best practices for responding to active shooter incidents.

Unfortunately, Colorado active shooter incidents are becoming more frequent, and it is vital for individuals as well as organizations to be fully prepared to respond effectively. A Colorado active shooter training program such as AVERT as well as other training resources can help your organization develop the vital skills and knowledge to respond to an active shooter situation. By emphasizing response strategies, situational awareness, and emergency bleeding control techniques, programs like AVERT are helping to ensure that Colorado individuals and organizations are as prepared as they possible can be for an active violence situation.

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Train others in active shooter safety techniques and emergency bleeding control with the AVERT Instructor Development Course (IDC).

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