Active Shooter Training

First Responder Active Shooter Response Training

When it comes to an active shooter situation, training is vital for your team to remain safe on the job. Learn more about our active violence and bleeding control training for first responders.

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First Responder Active Shooter Response Training

Are you looking for active shooter training for first responders?

As a first responder, you go directly into some of the most dangerous situations. As active shooter incidences are on the rise, specific training on how to respond should be a priority.

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Police Active Shooter Training

AVERT training for first responders

Our AVERT training for first responders teaches everything from the warning signs of a potentially violent situation to situational awareness and the actions that should be taken to during an active shooter incidence to help keep yourself and others safe. Using a blended format, AVERT combines online learning with a dynamic, in-person class to ensure that everyone knows exactly how to react in an immediate, violent situation.

Law Enforcement Response Training

Active shooter & bleeding control live scenario training

First responders are regularly placed in situations where there is fear, tension and vulnerability. From accidents to intentional violence, first responders work to ensure that people survive and get the best medical care on the scene and in transit. Police officers, firefighters and EMTs are all on the front line. AVERT can enhance your already rigorous training, by focusing on active shooter response, emergency bleeding control techniques, and how to escape, evade and attack .

Bleeding Control Training

First responder bleeding control training

The right training allows you to handle an active shooter situation effectively and efficiently. With AVERT training, you'll get specific information about how to react during an unexpected violent incident involving an active shooter or emergency bleeding situation. Using a blended format, AVERT training can be completed in as little as one day.

Live Shooter Scenario Simulation
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