Active Shooter Training

Idaho Active Shooter Training: Building Resilience in the Face of Active Violence

In the wake of a recent active violence incidents in Idaho, the urgency for Idaho active shooter training and preparedness has become paramount. Recognizing this critical need, Idaho Active Shooter Training with AVERT from HSI offers comprehensive techniques to equip organizations across various industries, including corporations, places of worship, schools, and nightclubs, with the essential knowledge and skills to respond effectively in the face of an active shooter situation. The training also emphasizes skills for stopping the bleed in active violence victims, which can save lives.

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Idaho Active Shooter Training

AVERT: Active Violence Emergency Response Training in Idaho

As part of Idaho's commitment to enhancing active shooter preparedness, the HSI (Health & Safety Institute) provides AVERT (Active Violence Emergency Response Training). AVERT is a specialized program designed to empower organizations of all types in Idaho, enabling them to respond effectively to active violence incidents.

Active Shooter Training by AVERT

Training for All Organizations and Industries in Idaho

AVERT understands that active violence incidents can occur in diverse settings and tailors its training programs to meet the unique needs of various industries. Whether it's ensuring employee safety in corporate environments or safeguarding congregations in places of worship, AVERT offers customized training to enhance preparedness and response capabilities for all organizations.

Active Shooter Risk Assessment

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Idaho Active Shooter Training with AVERT emphasizes the importance of heightened situational awareness. Participants learn to identify potential threats, detect suspicious behaviors, and recognize warning signs that may precede an active shooter incident. This increased awareness enables individuals to respond promptly and take appropriate action to protect themselves and others.

Respond Effectively: To enhance preparedness, organizations are encouraged to conduct in-person training with a program such as AVERT that teaches how to escape, evade or attack when there is a threat of active violence. Regular drills and exercises allow organizations to test their response plans and identify areas for improvement.

Techniques for Emergency Bleeding Control: It only takes minutes for an individual to bleed to death. Waiting for first responders to arrive to the scene may not be feasible in some situations. Idaho active shooter response training with AVERT teaches emergency bleeding control techniques that allow anyone to become immediate responders.

Active Shooter Plans

Idaho Active Shooter Preparedness – Get Started

Idaho Active Shooter Training with AVERT from HSI empowers organizations across industries to enhance their active shooter preparedness. By fostering situational awareness, developing effective emergency response plans, and providing specialized training for law enforcement, Idaho is dedicated to creating a safer environment for all. Together, we can build resilience and ensure the well-being of our communities in the face of active violence.

Avert Bleeding Control Training

Two ways to get Idaho active shooter training with AVERT

Active shooter instructor training

Become A Bleeding Control Instructor

Train others in active shooter safety techniques and emergency bleeding control with the AVERT Instructor Development Course (IDC).

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Request on-site active shooter training

Stop The Bleed Instructor

Contact us for more information on active shooter training and emergency stop the bleed techniques taught in the AVERT program.

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