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Oregon Active Shooter Education and Readiness

Regrettably, active shooter situations are increasingly prevalent in the United States, and Oregon has not been spared. From the 2012 Clackamas Town Center shooting to the 2015 Umpqua Community College incident, Oregonians have experienced the tragic consequences of active shooter events. Consequently, Oregon active shooter training and readiness initiatives such as AVERT are essential to help individuals and establishments respond to such incidents effectively.

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Oregon Active Shooter Education and Readiness

What is Oregon Active Shooter Training?

Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) provides Oregon active shooter training, offering people the knowledge necessary to react effectively in an active shooter scenario. This instruction aims to ensure individuals remain composed and alert during a high-tension situation, respond promptly, and are able to manage life-threatening bleeding.

There are various forms of Oregon active shooter training, which includes web-based lessons, in-person teaching, and practical, hands-on training like AVERT. In addition to being an active shooter response training option in Oregon, AVERT empowers you to become an immediate responder in life-threatening bleeding emergencies.

Active Shooter Training by AVERT

What is Oregon Active Shooter Readiness?

Active shooter readiness in Oregon involves strategic planning for an active shooter incident before it happens. It consists of creating an action plan, identifying potential threats, and training staff or other organization members to respond to an active shooter scenario with a program such as AVERT.

Active Shooter Risk Assessment

Getting ready for an active shooter scenario in Oregon involves several actions, including:

  1. Undertaking risk evaluation: This typically entails identifying possible weaknesses and threats, like entryways or places where people may congregate, depending on your company or organization.
  2. Formulating an emergency action strategy: This strategy should detail the actions to take during an active shooter scenario, including procedures for evacuation or staying in place.
  3. Educating employees or other organization members: Active shooter response training in Oregon should encompass both active shooter education and exercises such as those provided by AVERT, ensuring individuals are adequately prepared to react during an actual incident.
  4. Understanding what to do when law enforcement arrives: During an Oregon active shooter event, effective communication with Oregon law enforcement is crucial to enable them to respond swiftly and efficiently.
Active Shooter Plans

Oregon Active Shooter Training and Readiness Programs

Active shooter incidents are an unfortunate reality in our society, in Oregon as well as across the United States, and it's crucial for individuals and organizations to be ready for such situations. Oregon active shooter training and readiness programs like AVERT can assist individuals in staying composed and alert during high-stress scenarios and equip them with the skills required help control emergency bleeding until help arrives.

Avert Bleeding Control Training

Two ways to get Oregon active shooter training with AVERT

Active shooter instructor training

Become A Bleeding Control Instructor

Train others in active shooter safety techniques and emergency bleeding control with the AVERT Instructor Development Course (IDC).

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Request on-site active shooter training

Stop The Bleed Instructor

Contact us for more information on active shooter training and emergency stop the bleed techniques taught in the AVERT program.

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