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Safety and Compliance for California SB 553 Workplace Violence Prevention Law

Understanding California SB 553 Compliance

California's new workplace violence prevention law, SB 553 California Labor Code Section 6401.9, has set a precedent in ensuring workplace safety across various industries. This comprehensive legislation necessitates that almost all employers in California develop and implement a detailed Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP). The plan must encompass annual employee training, incident logging, and specific procedures for mitigating workplace violence hazards.

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Understanding California SB 553 Compliance

The Role of Active Shooter Training in SB 553

In an era where workplace violence, particularly active shooter incidents, has become an alarming reality, the need for effective response training cannot be overstated. Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve rapidly, necessitating immediate and informed action from everyone involved. This is where Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) becomes essential.

Active Shooter Risk Assessment

What AVERT Offers

AVERT goes beyond conventional active shooter response training by integrating critical 'Stop the Bleed' techniques, empowering individuals to be immediate responders in life-threatening situations. The training emphasizes:

1. Recognizing Warning Signs: Utilizing situational awareness to identify potential threats before they escalate.

2. Deciding Response Tactics: Training individuals on whether to escape, evade, or attack during an active shooter situation.

3. Emergency Bleeding Control: Teaching techniques to control bleeding in victims, potentially saving lives.

4. Quick and Confident Response: Ensuring a prompt and assured reaction to emergency situations

Active Shooter Training by AVERT

Compliance with the New Law

AVERT's training aligns with the requirements of California's new law by:

- Enhancing Employee Preparedness: Fulfilling the annual training mandate of the WVPP with practical, scenario-based training.

- Addressing Workplace Violence Hazards: Providing strategies and skills to identify and mitigate potential violent situations.

- Empowering a Collaborative Safety Culture: Encouraging a proactive approach to safety, involving all levels of the organization.

Emergency Bleeding Control Skills

Why Choose AVERT?

AVERT's unique approach to active shooter training addresses the immediate need for practical and decisive action during violent incidents. By equipping individuals with the skills to recognize early warning signs and respond effectively, AVERT not only enhances compliance with California's new law but also fosters a safer workplace environment.

Emergency Shooter Training

Moving Forward

In light of the July 1, 2024, compliance deadline, employers must act swiftly to integrate effective training programs like AVERT into their workplace safety protocols. By doing so, organizations not only adhere to legal requirements but also demonstrate a commitment to the safety and well-being of their employees.

TAC PAC Emergency Bleeding Control Product

AVERT for California SB 553 Compliance

To learn more about how AVERT can help your organization comply with California's new workplace violence prevention law and create a safer work environment, request training from their expert team of authorized AVERT Instructors.

This article serves as an informative guide on the implications of California's new workplace violence prevention law and the vital role of active shooter training in California SB 553 compliance and overall employee safety. As we learn more about the new SB553 law, this page will be updated.

For the most current information, please refer to the Workplace Violence Prevention in General Industry (Non-Health Care Settings) – Information for Employers fact sheet published by the California Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety & Health Publications Unit.

Two ways to get active shooter training with AVERT

Active shooter instructor training

Become A Bleeding Control Instructor

Train others in active shooter safety techniques and emergency bleeding control with the AVERT Instructor Development Course (IDC).

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Request on-site active shooter training

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Contact us for more information on active shooter training and emergency stop the bleed techniques taught in the AVERT program.

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