Active Shooter Training

Sports & Concert Venue Active Shooter Response Training

Active shooter situations are on the rise, and with this increase, it becomes critical for companies to make safety training a top priority. Risk can never be fully avoided, so in the event of an active shooter situation at public venues and arenas, employee training is necessary. Required training includes situational awareness, warning signs and what to do in the event of an active shooter situation. Venue active violence response training can help companies and employees be prepared in the event of a violent workplace situation.

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Sports & Concert Venue Active Shooter Training

Knowing proper protocols and having the right training helps employees at sport and concert venues remain calm in dangerous situations. This training can help reduce violence in the workplace and help mitigate the damage when a violent occurrence happens.

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Concert Venue Active Shooter Training

Stop the Bleed

Active shooter situations are very unpredictable, so being prepared can help navigate through extremely dangerous situations. The first step is to always be aware of the environment. Knowing what is going on around you, anything that is out of the ordinary, and possible exit strategies are important.

During an active shooter situation, the first course of action should always be to run if it is possible. If you are in the same vicinity as the shooter, find somewhere to run that will get you out of the line of fire. If you can, run towards an exit. If you are spotted by the shooter, do not stop to hide, keep running in a zigzag formation to make yourself a harder target to hit. Call 911 only when you are in a safe area.

If you cannot run, your next option should be to hide. Finding a good hiding spot makes you harder to get to which will lessen the chance that you will become a target. Once you are hidden, look for a heavy or sharp object you can use in case you need to fight.

The last resort should always be to fight. Because most people are not trained or armed in a way that gives you a high chance of survival, always try to run or hide first.

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Avert Bleeding Control Training

Sports & Concert Venue Bleeding Control Training

In the event of a violent encounter at a sports or concert venue, it may be necessary to help a wounded person with a bleeding injury. If this is the case, having the proper training can help save their life. Remove clothing or debris from the injury, and place something on the wound to stop the bleeding.Have the injured person lie down, and do not remove the bandage even if the bleeding soaks through. Only apply a tourniquet if you are trained to do so, and try not to move the injured person.

Sports & Concert Venue Bleeding Control Training

Getting Started with Training

While a brief overview is good information to have, nothing can replace proper training in a life-threatening situation. AVERT can help your team protect your venue with interactive active shooter response and emergency bleeding control training.

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