CPR, AED, and First Aid Training

ResQR - a quality CPR aid

Gain confidence under pressure with the world’s most comprehensive CPR aid.

ResQR is a revolutionary tool that aids in the administration of cardiac compressions, reducing the risk of injury to both patient and rescuer. It helps ensure that proper CPR is administered when needed. ResQR is a simple, effective solution for CPR.

ResQR CPR Aid ResQR Training Model

ResQR features and benefits

  • The world’s most comprehensive quality CPR aid device for adult and pediatric use
  • Helps turn any potential responder into a rescuer allowing anyone to give proper CPR
  • For use by lay and professional rescuers
  • Provides visual guidance to ensure optimal responder hand placement and position
  • Audio and visual metronome and LED lights for correct pacing at 110 BPM
  • Features an ergonomic design to improve compression efficacy and rescuer stamina, while lowering the risk of injury
  • Built-in PPE and privacy drape
  • Allows the rescuer to protect the patient with a quick-deploy modesty sheet
  • FDA and CE registered
  • Strategic Partner Member of AHA Center for Health Technology and Innovation
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ResQR Trainer Model


The ResQR Training Model is designed for use by Instructors who wish to teach the use of a CPR aid along with CPR (or other) curriculum.

The ResQR Training Model is not intended for field use.

ResQE Trainer Model features and benefits

  • Specially designed back cover allows for start & stop of metronomes while training
  • Includes special TRAINER VERSION QUICK GUIDE and standard INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE guide that accompanies all treatment units
  • Training material and co-brandable marketing assets available to registered trainers
  • Replaceable battery will last around 100 cycles before needing to be replaced with a CR2032 style battery
  • Does not include Privacy Shield, for practical purposes
  • Trainers are advised to have a standard ResQR on hand for visual explanation of the shield use
  • Blue color, to differentiate it from the treatment devices.
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Res QR training model
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