Corrective & Preventative Actions

Complete Corrective Action Management for Swift Close-outs

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) is a vital component of quality management that aims to identify, correct, and prevent issues and nonconformities in various industries. Our platform is a proactive approach helping organizations improve their processes, reduce risks, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

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Corrective Actions

CAPA Management – HSI Key Differentiators

Workflow Management

Reports 21

Powerful workflows guide you seamlessly through every stage of the process. From evaluation to action planning, validation, monitoring, and more. This solution intelligently progresses based on the information provided within the forms. This ensures you never miss a step. Effortlessly track the current stage of each CAPA at a glance, eliminating the need for manual work and enhancing efficiency in managing corrective and preventive actions.

Log & Track Non-Conformances

Log and Track Non-Conformances

Enable comprehensive tracking of non-conformances and defects, including the use of a risk matrix and severity assessment. This integrated approach allows for trend analysis, root cause identification, and the development of targeted preventive measures, all while prioritizing actions based on issue severity.

Real-time Data

Corrective Actions

Gain real-time access to crucial data, including issue severity, action status, close rates, and most CAPA by issue. This empowers you to make informed decisions, especially when addressing urgent issues. Ensure corrective and preventive actions are implemented promptly and effectively.

Integrates with 50+ EHS Solutions

Root cause

Seamlessly log CAPAs from every solution, such as incidents, audits, inspections and more. All CAPAs from various solutions feed into the central CAPA solution, creating a comprehensive history of actions taken. This integration enables you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) effectively, make informed decisions, and maintain a complete record of your organization's CAPAs.

Automated Assignments & Notifications

Smart Alerts

Our powerful automation capabilities allow you to assign corrective actions to individuals, including contractors. Notifications and evidence of action closure are generated automatically, ensuring CAPAs are effectively managed, tracked and swiftly closed out.

Audit Trails for Transparency

Audit Management

Provides detailed audit trails showing when and by whom CAPAs were closed out. This transparency is essential for compliance and accountability, giving you a complete history of actions taken.

Harmon Inc.

“When I first took over, the company was using spreadsheets, phone trees, and some email to track safety... There was very little sharing between regions so a preventable injury in Baltimore may not get communicated to Denver, and the same mistakes would continue to happen.”

Jon Liesmaki

Director of Environmental, Health, & Safety

Manage All Corrective Actions from a Single-Source Solution

Cloud-based platform: Cloud-native platform built to deliver virtually unlimited
scale and concurrency.

Unlimited configurability: Offering market-leading configurability within a
completely codeless environment.

Mobility built-in: Works securely on any mobile device or browser, anywhere,
online and offline.

Maximum adoption: simplifies the entire end-user experience driving record
employee participation levels organization-wide.

Modular architecture: Modular platform allowing organizations to easily add
new modules that are intelligently inter-connected and interoperable.

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Corrective Actions

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