Drug & Alcohol Management

Testing solution to keep your sites and workers safe

Conduct random testing, manage third party testers, capture results and communicate with the lab. Capture infractions and causation, confidentially store results, and mitigate risk to workers and environments.

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Drug & Alcohol Management – HSI Key Differentiators

Uphold Substance Protocols


Utilize the randomizer built into the solution to select workers for testing, without prejudice. Test for a broad range of substances, customize the form to capture only the data you need, and ensure results are kept secure and confidential.

Implement and Maintain a Fair and Equitable Disciplinary Program


In the event of a positive test result, ensure that a consistent and fair enforcement of substance abuse policies is administered. Maintain a comprehensive record of proceedings, lab results, and communications.

Incorporate Testing into Processes


Prioritize workplace safety by utilizing testing in pre-employment screening, causal, post-incident and ad-hoc worker assessments. Positively impact talent acquisition and retention through visible safety results and behaviors.

Streamline Processes and Reduce Administrative Workload


No more struggling to find the information you need. Donesafe’s SDS smart search and data indexing will help you find any SDS by location, CAS number, hazard, chemical name, manufacturer, location specific inventory and more. With our software, you can unlock your SDS data, allowing you to perform detailed chemical searches, streamline your environmental reporting, and automate your hazard analysis process.

Link to Other HSI solutions for Deeper, Actionable Insights


Link seamlessly with the broader solution suite within our ecosystem. For example, Incident, Risk and Audit Management module linkage enables causal and correlative relationships between data sets to be identified, enabling root cause to be established, risk exposure to be assessed and CAPA protocols to be initiated.

Ensure Compliance

Reports 15

Keep your organization compliant with various risk management frameworks and a wide range of standards and regulations.

Manage drug and alcohol protocols from a single-source solution

Cloud-based platform: This system supports large-scale data, user groups,
different devices, and applications wherever your workforce is located.

Limitless Configurability: Unify all data silos to drive real-time decisions.

Built-in mobility: Works securely on any mobile device or browser,
anywhere, online and offline.

Maximum adoption: Simplify the entire end-user experience driving record
employee participation levels organization-wide.

Modular framework: Build the solution you need ensuring workflows, reporting,
and automation are all working as one.

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Manage Drug and Alcohol Protocols

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