California Violence Prevention SB-553

California SB 553 Workplace Violence Prevention Training & Violent Incident Log

HSI is the ONLY partner positioned to help businesses in California meet the following needs of SB-553 for a workplace violence prevention plan through a single provider.

  • Online Training courses for violence prevention, conflict management, risk management, de-escalation, and more
  • Violent Incident Log software with corrective actions and triggered training
  • Active shooter, active violence, and bleeding control in-person training
  • CPR, AED and First Aid training
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TRAINING for California SB 553 Workplace Violence Prevention

HSI has thousands of online courses, and specialize in state-specific training. While the new CA law has a specific requirement for training on the company's violence prevention plan, ongoing employee violence prevention training is critical in heading off violence, teaching employees awareness, and initial conflict resolution. Our compliance team can also work with you on specific or custom requirements outlined under the new California law for workplace violence prevention.

Here is a primer course that helps administrators understand more about the new law:

  • California Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Overview – View this admin course for FREE by clicking on the image to the right! >>

HSI's Violence Prevention Training Courses Include:

  1. Risk Management Basics; Violence Awareness (Video 5:11)
  2. Workplace Violence for Employees (Video 8:23)
  3. Workplace Violence for Supervisors (Video 9:34)
  4. See Something, Say Something (Video 7:11)
  5. De-Escalation in the Workplace: Phases of Escalation (Video 7:19)
  6. De-Escalation in the Workplace: De-Escalating Conflicts Between Coworkers (Video 7:30)
  7. De-Escalation in the Workplace: De-Escalating Conflicts With Your Boss (Video 6:49)
  8. De-Escalation in the Workplace: De-Escalating Conflicts With Employees (Video 9:49)
  9. Conflict Management: 01. The Realities of Conflict Management (Video 4:15)
  10. Conflict Management: 02. Maintaining Self-Control (Video 4:25)
  11. Conflict Management: 03. The EASY Conflict Management Process (Video 5:37)
  12. California Workplace Bullying (Video 9:58)
  13. Workplace Bullying for Employees (Video 5:17)
  14. Workplace Bullying for Supervisors (Video 8:44)
  15. Workplace Violence (Interactive Course)
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How do I meet the requirements of a Violent Incident Log to comply with SB-553?

HSI has a robust and highly-configurable software suite that meets the SB-553 requirements of a Violent Incident Log. Unlike other logging software (or paper and Excel) the HSI Violent Incident Management solution employs workflows and triggers for corrective actions and additional training triggered from the log to the training portal, complete with the required compliance tracking of incidents, observation, training tracking, and more.

According to the law, Section 6401.9, "The employer shall record information in a violent incident log for every workplace violence incident.... These methods shall ensure ... that workplace violence incidents involving any employee are reported, investigated, and recorded."

HSI provides solutions to the requirements, and sets you up for ensuring compliance as evaluation of the law evolves.

  • Incident management: Addresses the explicit requirement in the law for a violent incident log.
  • Observations, Hazard Analysis, and Inspections: The law stipulates "An employer shall establish procedures to identify and evaluate workplace violence hazards, including, but not limited to, scheduled periodic inspections."
  • Corrective Actions: The law stipulates "An employer shall establish procedures to correct workplace violence hazards identified and evaluated" via inspections and employee observations.

Plus: Workflows, alerts, post-incident response and training, and data reporting to help show the effectiveness of your Violence Prevention Plan.

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What reporting systems do I need to comply with SB-553?

The law requires companies to have “effective procedures for the employer to accept and respond to reports of workplace violence, and to prohibit retaliation against an employee who makes such a report.”

This means you need to provide your employees a way to come forward and ensure that employees who come forward aren’t retaliated against.

Most importantly, you’ll need to keep a violence incident log, which is essentially a repository of any reports that come in through your established channel. According to SB-553, an effective log must include the following elements:

  • “Date, time, and location of the incident"
  • “Detailed description of the incident”
  • “Classification of who committed the violence”
  • "Classification of where the incident occurred"
  • "Classification of circumstances at the time of the incident"
  • “The violence type including whether it was a physical attack or threat, whether weapons or other objects were involved, or whether it was a sexual assault”
  • “Consequences of the incident including whether security or law enforcement was contacted and whether actions were taken to protect employees from a continuing threat”

It is also noted in the CA law that you need to keep these logs for a minimum of 5 years. In addition, you need to keep a log of any records of incident investigations. For example, if HR conducted an investigation after an employee raised the concern that they were being threatened by their manager, those investigation notes need to be stored and maintained by employers for at least 5 years.

Active Shooter Training for SB-553

HSI is one of the only providers in the US with this level of Active Shooter training. Go beyond common compliance for your workplace. Workplace violence, particularly active shooter incidents, has become an alarming reality. HSI's Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) in-person training gives you the tools to understand how to recognize warning signs, react quickly in an active shooter situation, and learn how to control bleeding in life-threatening situations.

AVERT Training emphasizes:

  1. Recognizing Warning Signs
  2. Deciding Response Tactics
  3. Emergency Bleeding Control
  4. Quick and Confident Response
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Active Shooter Risk Assessment

CPR, AED, and First Aid training certification for your business

CPR, AED and First Aid skills and certifications are required on most job sites, but it can be critical to have most of your workforce trained, HSI is one of only three providers of nationally recognized CPR training. We are also an accredited AED training provider, including being the only provider with Remote Skills Verification for this training. And as part of this all, add First Aid training to the skillset of your employees.

Adding CPR, AED, and First Aid training to your workplace violence prevention plan isn’t only smart business, it's often required as part state laws outside SB-553.

HSI has options for CPR training classes—whether you’re a seasoned safety expert, HR professional, or someone trying to make your workplace or community safer—we have you covered.

Choose from becoming an authorized HSI instructor and training your team, or let us handle all the logistics for you with our National Training Solution.

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HSI is here to help you toward compliance with SB-553

We make it easy to at least have a conversation with us about the issues and regulations you are trying to comply with.

Reach out and we'll set up a no-pressure meeting to explain our training, give you a demo of the Incident log software, or explain how active shooter, CPR or other training works.

We look forward to working with you!

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