State-Specific Anti-Harassment Training

State-Specific Anti-Harassment Training

Explore the course lists for our state-specific anti-harassment training courses including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York City, and New York State.

State Specific Anti Harassment Training HSI

California Anti-Harassment Training

Meet California Anti-Harassment training requirements with two-hour training for supervisors and one-hour training for all employees who do not have supervisory duties. Explore all of our course titles for our California Anti-Harassment training below.

California Anti Harassment

Connecticut Anti-Harassment Training

Meet your Connecticut-specific training requirements with our training videos, which provide the required two hours of training for all employees. These courses cover anti-harassment law and understanding harassment, or the psychology behind why harassment happens.

Connecticut Anti Harassment

Delaware Anti-Harassment Training

Delaware is now requiring state-specific harassment and discrimination training. Help meet those requirements with our Delaware harassment and discrimination training videos.

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Illinois Anti-Harassment Training

Illinois now requires state-specific harassment and discrimination training. Help train your employees and meet those requirements in these Illinois-specific training videos.

Illinois Anti Harassment 2021 11 12 145716 tlfa

Maine Anti-Harassment Training

HSI provides training that meets the requirements of the State of Maine Anti-Harassment law, including covering the definition of sexual harassment, providing examples of harassment, and overviews of the internal complaint process for employees.

Maine Anti Harassment

New York City Anti-Harassment Training

HSI provides training that satisfies the requirements of New York City Anti-Harassment law, with a definition of sexual harassment, the employer's complaint process, bystander intervention, and the responsibilities of supervisors and managers.

New York City Anti Harassment

New York State Anti-Harassment Training

HSI provides training that meets the New York State requirements, including an explanation of sexual harassment, examples of conduct that is considered sexual harassment, and how employees can report sexual harassment.

New York State Anti Harassment
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