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Relay Technician Training Program

Utility relay technicians are the backbone of a reliable utility. Unfortunately, finding and keeping relay techs is also one of a utility’s biggest challenges. As one of the industry’s top training companies, we have designed a training program to answer these challenges.

Our Relay Technician Training Program focuses on the fundamentals and provides progressive training to give your techs a defined career path. This program provides a structured, fundamental curriculum to get your new hires up to speed quickly. Using a systematic approach to training, we make sure they learn what they need to know before they start your company-specific training.

As your employees progress, our program will provide increasingly advanced training, including simulation, putting them on a clear career path and helping you retain valuable employees.

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Relay Technician Training Program

This program includes progressive levels from novice to expert, including simulation.

Level 1: The Fundamentals

(15 Courses) Training designed to introduce your new hires to the electric utility industry and provide a foundation for your company-specific training. This training is appropriate for new hires with no electrical or relaying experience.

Level 2: The Next Step

(16 Courses) Training for new hires or technician candidates who may have a good understanding of electrical theory, applications, and related math.

Level 3: Advanced

(6 Courses) Includes simulation training so your experienced relay techs can get hands on training with a variety of scenarios.

Level 4: Simulation (Coming Soon)

Using our proprietary distribution simulator, your experienced relay techs get hands on training with a variety of scenarios. Our simulation training helps students master Real-time situational awareness and decision-making on an actual distribution simulator. Our simulator is designed to train distribution system operators to perform normal and emergency tasks regardless of organization size.

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