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Prepare Your Team for the Evolving Renewable Energy Future

The utility industry is on an exciting journey toward a sustainable future. Specialized training is essential to prepare your workers for integrating renewable energy into grid operations. You need a curriculum with a strong foundation in plant management.

HSI experts will guide you and your team through complex concepts and practice applications, preparing you for success in the field.

Our renewable energy training bundle is divided into seven modules:

  • Overview
  • Technology-Specific
  • Plant Science
  • Plant Drawings
  • Plant Electricity
  • Plant Instrumentation and Control
  • Intro to Plant Equipment

Download the full course list to see all of the topics covered.

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Are you ready for the new IBR requirements?

If you have planned or existing facilities with 20 to 75 MVA that connect to 60 kV or above, they will be subject to NERC registration. Whether you’re new to NERC compliance or have an experienced team, we can help you through the process with our templates, training programs, and project guidance. They will help you prepare your facility for NERC compliance. Our services include:

  • Staff augmentation
  • Internal compliance program development and management
  • Procedure templates
  • FAC-008 and PRC-005 component spreadsheet development
  • Project plan and checklists for completing NERC activities before registration
  • Required training, exercises, and drills
  • Registration assistance

Our blog, Understanding the Proposed IBR Scope Expansion, helps explain the upcoming changes. Set up a call with our compliance team today.

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Technology to help you stay compliant

The HSI Platform helps you manage risk, leverage data, and prioritize comprehensive training and certification. Our utility-specific platform provides the solutions you need to consolidate systems and streamline communication.

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