Engage your workforce to take fast and effective action from safety observations (BBS)

Improve employee engagement by encouraging workers to report unsafe behaviors and conditions with HSI’s intuitive online platform. HSI makes it fast and easy for workers to access, enter and report on observations and behaviors from visual dashboards. Quickly analyze and understand risk at the source with real-time reports and alerts.

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Continuously improve workplace safety

In addition to the typical at-risk behaviors and conditions, encourage your workers to identify positive behavior patterns and reinforce them to their peers. Streamline data analysis to effectively detect these behavior trends and trigger corrective action plans with ease. Leverage HSI dashboards to alert and assign tasks to workers with automatic reminders and follow up.

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Encourage participation with an efficient and standardized process

Enable every worker to report observations, unsafe and at-risk behaviors and conditions without technology and confusion getting in the way. Adapt BBS checklists to align with each workers’ job role, site and tasks, and then launch corrective action plans and assign tasks to address any issues requiring attention.

Observations workflow

Sandra B.

"I like the relevance of the material and the method of presentation. I like that our staff can complete their annual training when it is convenient for them. I like the reporting features of the software."

Data capture made easy

Increase observation activity with simple to use and intuitive software. Capture data with over 20 field types, including photos, time stamps, e-signature and more.

Real-time alerts and actions

With a couple of clicks the right people will get alerts and associated actions in real-time. Responding and resolving issues is faster than ever before.

Control risk

Receive automatic notifications when tasks aren't completed on time. Bring your whole workforce in to manage hazard identification and set up templates for risk assessment and control measures.

Consistency + data integrity

Keep your finger on the pulse and view the right information at the right time on a one-page dashboard. Drill down into reports to analyze how to continuously improve your systems.

Automate follow-up

Do more with the resources at your disposal. HSI automates processes that are manual, repetitive or require consistent follow-up or closeouts.

Built for mobile

HSI is built for mobile from the ground up. Log observations from any device anywhere, whether it be from a mobile phone or an online terminal.

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