6 Steps to Build Leadership Buy-In for EHS Technology

6 Steps to Build Leadership Buy-In for EHS Technology

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One of the many things pushing workplace health and safety forward over the past decade is the implementation of safety technology. Innovations such as cloud-based software, online training, mobile apps, wearables, sensors, and employee monitoring systems allow workers to do their jobs more efficiently while reducing the likelihood of injury.

Unfortunately, convincing management to invest in safety can be a big hurdle, especially if leadership doesn’t fully understand the impact of environmental health and safety (EHS) programs. Safety often doesn’t have a seat in the boardroom, and in many cases, safety does not even have a budget.

This guide will help you understand how to convince the decision-makers to make the right workplace health and safety investments by:

Cultivating a workplace culture that prioritizes health and safety is achievable if EHS professionals demonstrate the value of a strategic investment in safety technologies. But to do so, you must take a new approach and learn the language of the C-suite.

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