How to Drive Corporate Innovation with Training

How to Drive Corporate Innovation with Training

During the pandemic we saw examples of corporate innovation as companies pivoted to adjust to new business and operations challenges. Fashion designers produced face masks, full-service restaurants built drive-up windows, and distilleries made hand sanitizer. Cultures built on creativity were nimble and able to react with agility. Some companies are realizing that their rigid, inflexible cultures need to evolve and they are looking for innovation training.

Corporate Innovation is Attainable at Many Levels

When you hear the term corporate innovation, your mind may go to massive and costly strategic initiatives. You don’t have to invent the iPod or create Venmo to be considered innovative. You can encourage employees across your organization to approach their work with imagination and creativity.

How to Drive Corporate Innovation with Training

Corporate Innovation Training Topics

It is possible to teach innovation. If you want to curate a curriculum to encourage innovation in your organization, there are a few obvious topics to include:


Innovation and creativity go hand in hand. Your innovation training must include the topic of creativity to help people open their minds to think differently and challenge the status quo. Most of us approach problem solving and decision making with logic and common sense. This method is safe and sound but to explore more innovative solutions, you will need to be more creative in your thinking. More imaginative ideas may have higher risk but also higher reward. With a balanced approach you can employ more creative thinking when generating ideas and use your logic to evaluate the ideas.

Give employees tips on how tap into their own creativity and trigger memories, ideas and different parts of your brain:

Problem Solving

Infusing innovation into your problem-solving training will help your team think outside the box, as they say. Follow the expected process and apply logic when defining the problem. Thinking more creatively when trying to identify the root cause and generating possible solutions may take you down more innovative paths. Gather as many ideas possible, even those that sound too expensive, difficult or crazy.

Here are a few questions to ask to get started with gathering innovative solutions:

Essentially this is the start of the brainstorming process. Which takes us to the next corporate innovation training topic.


SCAMPER is an acronym that can help take brainstorming to a more creative and more in-depth level. The goal is to take an existing product, service, process, or idea and determine whether you can improve on it, by asking SCAMPER related questions that lead to new ideas and innovations.

Digital Transformation

Since 2000, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have "gone bankrupt, been acquired, or ceased to exist" due to digital disruption according to Harvard Business Review. Think Blockbuster vs. Netflix or taxis vs. Uber. Stay ahead of digital disruption by effectively training digital transformation.

Digital transformation will fundamentally change how you operate internally or how you deliver value to your customers. If you are trying to create a culture of innovation, you need to be ready to challenge the status quo. Digital transformation is going to force you to rethink old systems and processes.

A simple example is how we handle expense reports. In the past, business travelers had to keep track of piles of paper receipts while navigating airports, hotel check-ins, business meetings and client events to be reimbursed. Now we have apps on our phone to snap pictures and immediately categorize receipts. HR systems integrate with corporate credit card accounts and charges can easily be imported. The digital transformation of expense tracking is saving business travelers many hours of lost productivity. That is good for the company.


According to a study by McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity were 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. You can find many more statistics that show companies with diverse management and diverse employee populations perform better on attracting and retaining top talent, serving the market, and fueling innovation.

When you expand your hiring efforts to seek out more diverse candidates you will benefit from new ideas from fresh perspectives. When you create a safe environment for everyone, people will feel comfortable raising new ideas. A few innovative ideas I’ve seen are:

Diversity training topics might include:

Corporate Innovation Training from HSI

When you work with a company like HSI you gain access to our library of off-the-shelf videos. All the courses mentioned above are in our Business Skills library. If you request a free trial of HSI LMS, you could watch all the courses mentioned and many more. Other related innovation training courses we offer include:

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