HSI February Newsletter

HSI February Newsletter

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New LMS Feature Release: HSI Advisor

HSI Advisor ties together easy-to-use assessments with a powerful recommendation engine

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new feature built into the HSI LMS called HSI Advisor. Best of all, it’s free. And it’s available to you right now!

HSI Advisor ties together easy-to-use assessments with a powerful recommendation engine that helps you get the most out of the HSI platforms. The recommendations help determine which topics and tools your workers need to create a safer and smarter workplace.

Through a growing series of surveys addressing topics ranging from general safety to hazardous materials and safe work behaviors, you can quickly receive customized recommendations for training and other solutions that are specific to your workplace.

See how it works by watching the demo video on our website.

We share your goal to create a smarter, safer workplace and strive to help our customers realize the full value of our relationship, our products, and our services.

If you have any questions about HSI Advisor or how to get more out of HSI tools, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Please note, this feature is not available on legacy versions of our LMS or systems.

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COVID-19 ETS Update

In response to the January 13th Supreme Court ruling, OSHA has withdrawn the vaccination and testing emergency temporary standard issued in November 2021. What does this mean for businesses? While there isn’t an OSHA mandate regarding COVID vaccines/testing, it is strongly recommended that employers encourage worker vaccination and create a COVID-safe workplace.

OSHA is working toward a more permanent healthcare COVID-19 standard, so check OSHA often and stay up-to-date on developments.

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HSI Exhibiting Schedule

  1. HSI (Industrial Skills) will be at IDEA CampusEnergy2022 February 16-18 in Boston, MA
  2. HSI will be exhibiting at Training Magazine’s Training 2022 Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL from February 28 – March 2, 2022.
  3. HSI will be exhibiting at RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association) Asset Protection Conference in Orlando, FL from April 24-27, 2022.
  4. HSI will be exhibiting at ATD 2022 International Conference & Exposition in Orlando, FL from May 15-18, 2022.
  5. HSI (Donesafe) will be exhibiting at Workplace Health & Safety Show Australia in Melbourne, AUS from May 25-26, 2022.

Product Updates

Course Update: OSHA 10 and 30 Hour

Over the past several months, our subject matter experts and design team have worked hard to update and revamp our General Industry and Construction courses. Our goal is to give you the most engaging and memorable experience on the market, which is why creating fresh content is so important.

With more engaging videos and interactive activities, you can expect to genuinely enjoy your training. So, if you or your team are due for some training, click the button below to buy.

Do you need to train a group? Call us and ask for a discount!

You can talk now with a OSHA 10 & 30 training specialist at 833-438-6742.

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HSI Adult First Aid | CPR AED

Our new core program is now shipping.

The HSI Adult First Aid | CPR AED program package allows you the flexibility to teach and provide certification in any of the following nine options listed below:

  1. Adult First Aid | Adult CPR AED
  2. Adult First Aid | Adult/Child CPR AED
  3. Adult First Aid | Adult/Infant CPR AED
  4. Adult First Aid | Adult/Child/Infant CPR AED
  5. Adult First Aid
  6. Adult CPR AED
  7. Adult/Child CPR AED
  8. Adult/Infant CPR AED
  9. Adult/Child/Infant CPR AED

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Multilingual Course Offerings

HSI continues to more offer courses in Spanish, and now Canadian French, to ensure complete understanding by all employees of important safety topics.

Some of the new courses include:


French Canadian

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Coaching Models for Managers

Our new series will help your managers discover their preferred style of coaching. We cover the following models:

  1. ACHIEVE Model
  2. CIGAR Model
  3. CLEAR Model
  4. FUEL Model
  5. GROW Model
  6. OSCAR Model
  7. STEPPA Model

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Webinar Recording: OSHA's 300 Log - How to Make this Easier with a Safety Management System

If you could use a deeper understanding on OSHA regulations, and how automating and digitizing OSHA logs can save you time, watch to the recorded webinar that took place on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

Chief Safety Officer, Jill James, and Product Manager, Sara Pajda walked through the ins and outs of the forms and help-aids available to determine recordability, as well as how HSI’s SMS Incident Management module can make it more manageable. We covered:

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Whitepaper: 8 Key Components of Modern eLearning

Fact: To have a successful eLearning program, you need to think about more than just buying video content, or even buying an LMS.

Yes, both video content and a quality LMS are needed to get things off the ground, but more is needed. How those videos are created and presented, and what activities, practices, and attitudes surround them, make the difference between a mildly ineffective program and a successful one that supports a true learning culture.

To be clear...

This white paper is not a pitch for the newest eLearning products or a list of trends to watch for in the coming years. Rather, we intend it to be an exploration of those things we see as being at the core of modern, effective eLearning. While we might mention a new technology here or an eLearning trend there, our focus is on those elements that, today, are necessary to make eLearning successful (and go beyond purchasing a good video library or LMS).

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