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HSI March Newsletter

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How are other companies using HSI solutions?

Everyone wants to improve their processes, but it can be hard to figure out what you're doing well, or what can be improved. Here are three HSI customer stories that not only showcase improved processes but may help you come up with a new idea.

At HSI, we are passionate about making workplaces and communities safer and smarter, it’s not just what we say but it’s what drives us every day. We’re proud of our customers and the impact they are having, not just these three highlighted here, but all HSI customers who share our goal and passion.


Is your OSHA 300A form posted? If not, do it today!

The OSHA 300A form is the summary of your OSHA 300 Log (that ideally you’ve been keeping up to date all year long). This form is required by OSHA to be posted at every worksite from February 1 to April 30 annually, in a location where employees can easily have access.

If you haven’t posted your form yet, now is a great time to do so.

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AVERT Reaches Nationwide Status

As the nation's leader in active violence response training, AVERT is excited to announce that authorized instructors are available in every state. In this nationwide press release, AVERT hopes to reach more organizations and would-be trainers who want to prepare themselves for the catastrophic reality of an active shooter situation.

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Product Updates

Hybrid Work Courses

This series of courses will help companies successfully shift to a hybrid work environment. There are two series of courses, one for employees and one for managers, and include the following titles:



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Traffic Control (Flagger)

This course has been updated and redesigned and includes information on a flagger’s responsibilities, rules, duties, clothing regulations, and equipment to not only help keep the public safe but the flagger safe as well.

While this course does not provide ATSSA Flagger Certification, it does review key regulations and elements that help keep flaggers safe while performing a difficult and essential job.

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Whitepaper: Guide to Identifying Good Training Content

Online training vendors are everywhere. Deciding which courses to buy and which to avoid is as confusing as buying a used car. Unfortunately, buying a lemon in training is just as easy as buying one with a used car. And, you won’t know you have a lemon until you’ve used the training for a while – when someone makes a mistake, or an accident happens.

The good news is, whether you’re searching for online or instructor-led training, you can look for concrete attributes that are more reliable than kicking the tires. These 5 key questions will help you avoid buying a “lemon” in the world of online training.

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Safety Video: Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) in the Digital Age

Technology has changed how lockout/tagout procedures are handled, primarily because technology can introduce energy sources we may not think of, and it can bring additional safeguards to traditional lockout procedures. Join Jill James, HSI Chief Safety Officer as she visits the control room of the Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative to learn more about this topic.

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