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HSI October Newsletter

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New Course: Road Rage

Unless you're Mother Teresa, you have experienced road rage...or at least witnessed it. This new course covers actions you can take to keep yourself from becoming involved in a road rage situation and how to respond.

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Product Updates & News

Utility Relay Technician Program

Utility relay technicians are the backbone of a reliable utility. Unfortunately, finding and keeping relay techs is one of the biggest challenges. Our Relay Technician Training Program is designed to address these challenges.

This program focuses on the fundamentals and provides progressive training to give your techs a defined career path, with a structured, fundamental curriculum. As your employees progress, they will be met with increasingly advanced training, including simulation.

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On September 20, OSHA announced an enforcement initiative on heat-related hazards. This involves the development of a National Emphasis Program (NEP) on heat inspections. An NEP is a temporary program that focuses the agency’s resources on particular hazards and high-hazard industries. Inspections, as well as injury and illness data, provide the necessary information to develop NEPs.

In addition to the enforcement initiative and the NEP, the agency is working to establish a workplace heat standard. Many of the details have yet to be revealed, but it’s never too early to start preparing for the changes.

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New Course Series: Working with Different Generations

This series addresses how to work across generations to create a positive and collaborative work environment.

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New Course: Fire Safety for Residence Halls

In this course, you will learn about your responsibilities related to fire safety – including actions you can take to prevent fires in your living space. Additionally, you will learn actions you can take in the event of a fire, how to safely evacuate in a fire emergency, and what to do if you are trapped inside during a fire.

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White Paper: The Costs of Not Training Employees

Effective employee training has a clear return on investment (ROI), but that information often fails to reach executives.

This free download outlines how it may be more useful to find the biggest losses that come from not investing in training employees, rather than focusing on ROI.

In this eBook, you will learn:

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Free Assessment: Extreme weather

Extreme weather is one of the top causes of power system outages. Depending on your location, you could deal with wildfires, extreme heat, cold weather, hurricanes, or flooding. In recent years, these events have been more frequent and more challenging – making your preparation critical.

To help you meet the increasing weather challenges, we have developed an Extreme Weather Assessment which includes:

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