Q & A: How to Minimize the Disruption of Training

Q & A: How to Minimize the Disruption of Training

Question: “Our turnover rate is very high from our temp agencies; how do we train everyone that comes in and still run production with people in and out constantly?”

Answer: You’re ahead of the curve in even asking the question, so kudos—many companies ignore OSHA’s “shared responsibility” doctrine for training temporary workers.

Your biggest problem is lost productivity and uptime for this group. So you need to automate this process, and my strong suggestion is to move your temp worker safety training online to minimize interruptions to production…

What online safety training does for you, in this case, is allow you to sit each temp employee down at a computer so they can train and you can walk away without any worry about training activity being recorded, scheduling, or lost productivity.

Other benefits:

US Department of Labor: A good safety and health program can save $4 to $6 dollars for every $1 dollar invested.

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