Q & A: The Sound of Quality Online Training

Q & A: The Sound of Quality Online Training

Question: “How to avoid auditory boredom. one on-line training used male voice for a few slides, then female voice for a few slides. Other ways to avoid the comment 'the voice over put me to sleep'.”

Answer: Some employees are always going to find a reason to complain, but in my experience, this concern is a question of product quality. Not all online training experiences are created equal.

In fact, the business model formula for many companies in this industry is: low product/service investment + high volume sales = profitability. In other words, the less you put in to the training product, the more you can make.

Yet, the better providers out there use multiple narrators and professional voice actors. No, it isn’t cheap to hire these individuals, but is it worth it? We think so precisely because folks like you—and the workforce you train—will notice the difference.

Every day we’re on a mission to prove that online compliance training doesn’t have to be boring.

At HSI, we’re big on storytelling, knowledge checks, and interactivities supporting a memorable, choose-your-own-adventure learning style. We’ve got decades of credentialed, academic, instructional design experience building our products.

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