Vivid Learning Systems' Online Safety Courses & Platform (LMS)

Vivid Learning Systems' Online Safety Courses & Platform (LMS)

What Vivid Learning Systems does is make life easier for safety professionals.


We automate compliance training to make it worry-free, with a combination of online courses, simple cloud software (LMS), and real people here at Vivid committed to your success.

We think safety training shouldn’t be boring.

And that’s why our courses are different.

To link training objectives with performance, we focus on engagement.

With interactive media, storytelling, and testing, our courses connect with workers and hold them accountable.

This strategy grabs attention, hits every learning style, and gets results—in around 20 minutes or less.

Courses include real safety scenarios, are developed by industry experts, and meet federal training standards.

Smart simplicity makes training easy to work through, and Vivid content is optimized for mobile use, so your workforce can train on demand—anytime, anywhere.

Simple Cloud Software [Our Safety Training System (LMS)]:

You don’t have time to waste on software that needs a lot of attention.

That’s why we built the perfect tool for one job—safety training management.

There’s nothing to download or install, and while we offer one-to-one training, you probably won’t need it.

Because our system isn’t packed with needless options that drive up cost and create confusion, it’s built for easy execution of common tasks.

Vivid’s LMS:

The whole idea here is to save you time, by delivering an effective safety training experience that you don’t have to manage.

All you have to do is ask, and we make it happen.

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