Simplify Your Organizational Complexities with EHS Workflows

Next-Level Automation. Orchestrate Workflows Like Never Before. Our EHS management software empowers organizations to seamlessly unify multiple workflows into a harmonious and frictionless experience. Automate, collaborate, and optimize tasks with:

  • Unparalleled efficiency
  • Transforming complexity into simplicity
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Centralized Control & Unified Workflows with Cloud Technology

Single Point of Control

Streamlined Operations

Welcome to our "Command Center," a powerful platform offering you a single point of control to manage all your workflows with ease. With centralized management, you gain the ability to automate tasks, oversee cross-functional workflows, and gain a comprehensive view of your EHS operations and more. Take charge of your processes and maintain control with our robust orchestration capabilities.

Seamless Workflow Journey

Intuitive Workflows

Embrace a seamless journey by unifying multiple workflows within our platform. Bid farewell to fragmented processes and disjointed tasks as our orchestration capabilities streamline and optimize your operations. Achieve a cohesive and efficient experience for all users, ensuring productivity and success across the board.

Cloud Suite

Bring it all together

Mitigate organizational risks with EHS & ESG compliance. Ensure workplace safety with comprehensive health and safety modules. Streamline quality and supplier management for continuous improvement. Achieve ESG goals with environmental and sustainability modules.

Joshua Reilly, Safety & Fleet Manager – ED3

"Our lineman save 2 hours a day in administrative work by submitting inspections in the field through their mobile devices."

Joshua R.

Safety & Fleet Manager – ED3

Orchestration Core

Forms & Fields: Smart adaptive forms technology with drag-and-drop configurability, and conditional logic built-in. Over 30+ response types, including QR code support.

Workflow Designer: Drag-and-drop multi-level workflow design capability to handle any level of complexity with intelligent automation capabilities built-in.

Automation Engine: Ability to implement multi-level automation at scale with conditional logic triggers and more within an easy-to-use no-code environment.

Alerts & Actions: Trigger real-time alerts, notifications, and corrective actions based on smart automation, data analytics, or linked to any type of event.

Smart Technology

Management Core

Configuration: No-code configurability to tackle even the most complex processes, workflows, or scenarios at all levels, including forms, application modules, and platform.

Reporting & Analytics: Real-time customizable reporting, analytics, and BI capability with a powerful report builder to drive advanced reporting with ease.

Custom Dashboards: Centralized visual dashboards with drag-and-drop dynamic widgets to help surface vital insights in real-time across the entire EHS & ESG universe of modules.

Record Management: Centralized database and record management system with powerful administration capabilities.

Manage Risk

Security Core

Authentication: Support for multiple authentication protocols such as single sign-on (SSO) to 2FAsupport.

Data Separation: Choice of single-tenant to multi-tenant server environments with enterprise-grade data security standards.

Governance & Security: Access to enterprise-grade security standards, powerful admin controls, strongest available encryption standards, and data sovereignty.

Compliance: The HSI platform can help meet and improve compliance and regulatory obligations aligned with international (ISO) and local mandates.

Security Core


Transformational, yet radically simple.

Implementation Services

Risk Management

Complete end-to-end support services offering ranging from project management, solution design, build, migration, and configuration to training.

Technical Support

Incident Management

Experience the pinnacle of customer support with our comprehensive technical services, personalized account management, and hyper-care offerings that go above and beyond post-solution deployment!

Partner Managed

Contractor Management

Embrace boundless possibilities with access to a thriving partner network of EHS consulting firms seamlessly extending the scope of HSI services.

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