Violent Incident Log

Violent Incident Management Log: Meet the needs of CA SB-553 and beyond

The Violent Incident Reporting and Management solution empowers all employees to effortlessly capture, track, investigate, and report on all incidents and observations pertaining to workplace violence and violence prevention. The HSI Violent (or Violence) Incident Log solution fully meets the compliance needs for California Bill SB-553. And goes beyond those compliance requirements to make your workplace a safer environment, mitigating the chance of violence in the first place.

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Violent incident management log

Violent Incident Management – HSI Key Differentiators

Your Log, Configured for Your Business

Incident Management

Create and configure violent incident report forms specifically for your organization's unique needs. Capture data on violent incidents, incident mitigation observations, suspicious activies, and more.

Intuitive Workflows

Intuitive Workflows

Once an incident is logged, it can be triaged, and escalated for review by different parties. Relevant teams, managers, or supervisors can be alerted to new incidents via email notification or text message. Actions can be assigned, and stakeholders added to review or provide further insight.

Streamlined Processes

Automation for Accuracy

Simplify processes by integrating investigations, root cause analysis (RCA), and corrective actions into a single, cohesive workflow. This approach ensures all incident information, from the initial report to final resolution, is standardized and readily accessible, allowing you to be in compliance for 5 years or more.

What reporting systems do I need to comply with SB-553?

HSI's Violence Incident Log Management solution meets all of the required compliance metrics of the California workplace violence prevention bill. According to SB-553, an effective log must include

the following elements:

  • “Date, time, and location of the incident"
  • “Detailed description of the incident”
  • “Classification of who committed the violence”
  • "Classification of where the incident occurred"
  • "Classification of circumstances at the time of the incident"
  • “The violence type including whether it was a physical attack or threat, whether weapons or other objects were involved, or whether it was a sexual assault”
  • “Consequences of the incident including whether security or law enforcement was contacted and whether actions were taken to protect employees from a continuing threat”

The bill requires companies to have “effective procedures for the employer to accept and respond to reports of workplace violence, and to prohibit retaliation against an employee who makes such a report.”

This means you need to provide your employees a way to come forward and ensure that employees who come forward aren’t retaliated against.

Most importantly, you’ll need to keep a violence incident log, which is essentially a repository of any reports that come in through your established channel.

It is also noted in the CA bill that you need to keep these logs for a minimum of 5 years. In addition, you need to keep a log of any records of incident investigations. For example, if HR conducted an investigation after an employee raised the concern that they were being threatened by their manager, those investigation notes need to be stored and maintained by employers for at least 5 years.

Incident Management

Compliance Ready

Submit OSHA form 301 in minutes.

Designed to simplify your compliance efforts, per CA SB-553 and other laws, your data is stored for a minimum of 5 years. You can quickly generate reports to be sent or printed, eliminating the need for manual data compilation and ensuring you're always prepared for audits or the need for records.

Simplified Dashboards

Simplified Dashboard

A key to violent incident management is reporting so you you can identify trends in worker types, locations, or other details. Access a user-friendly, all-in-one dashboard to dive deep into incidents, revealing real-time insights for informed violence-prevention-driven improvements.

Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notifications

Delivering real-time notifications, ensuring the right individuals are instantly informed of their roles and responsibilities within an incident record. No more tracking people down by phone or managing countless emails—our system streamlines communication effortlessly. Stay connected, informed and responsive.

Manage Every Incident from a Single-Source

HSI is uniquely positioned to deliver your Violence Incident Logs, observations, corrective actions, and even training via a single partner for your business. This reduces the number of technologies and vendors you need to deal with, and allows for seamless reporting of data from the incident management solution, to the LMS and employee training, and even from your HRIS.

Cloud-based platform: This system supports large-scale data, user groups,
different devices, and applications wherever your workforce is located.

Limitless Configurability: Unify all data silos to drive real-time decisions.

Built-in mobility: Works securely on any mobile device or browser,
anywhere, online and offline.

Maximum adoption: Simplify the entire end-user experience driving record
employee participation levels organization-wide.

Modular framework: Build the solution you need ensuring workflows, reporting,
and automation are all working as one.

Incident management

Experience the Future of Effortless Excellence

Future-proof your organization with technology that anticipates your needs and empowers you to deliver unparalleled results.

With this comprehensive platform, you have all solutions at your disposal to work smarter and faster, effortlessly. Tailor this system to align perfectly with your specific requirements and witness it effortlessly expand as your organization does, providing ongoing benefits and support for your evolving needs.

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