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Trying to decide between HSI and BizLibrary? At HSI, we want to help you with your decision to source your eLearning content. There are some key differences between the two companies and their solutions, and we feel it’s important for you to know what those differences mean in terms of content and overall offerings.

If you haven't scheduled a personal demo to see HSI's content library, we encourage you to do so! Also, check out HSI's Employee Training Buyer’s Guide. This guide helps you choose the employee training solution that is right for your company.

Below are numerous differences that may help you decide between HSI and BizLibrary.

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Why HSI?

HSI has one of the largest single-source training content libraries for workplace safety and professional development, with more than 5,000 courses and a team of experts to support businesses throughout their journey. HSI provides integrated e-learning content, training solutions, and cloud-based software designed to enable your business to improve safety, operations, and employee development.

HSI produces award-winning training content for over 23k customers in 71 countries. 18M+ courses are completed annually. Customers include Amazon, Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, AAA, Kelly Services, Kraft, and McDonalds.

The quality of a provider cannot be judged by the number of courses. Any provider can grow their library by purchasing various videos from other companies and layering them as available in their LMS. The keys to any online training are accuracy and employee engagement -- both of which ultimately determine quality of the training partner.

We've all sat through long, boring, uninspired, non-engaging powerpoint slides with a voice over. The worse the quality of the training, the less the employee learns. And the point of the training is for employees to learn, retain, and improve. HSI employs multiple modalities, microlearning-length courses, plus animation, live action and graphics to engage the audience and paint the picture you want impressed on the employees' minds.

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Content Differences Between HSI and BizLibrary

Learning Experience

HSI employs subject matter experts (SMEs) when creating and curating our library of content. Our courses are sorted into 36 of the Korn Ferry (former Lominger) competencies. HSI’s microlearning, adult learning theory videos are paired with training reinforcement tools and downloadable course materials. We pride ourselves on the quality, relevance, and effectiveness of our training videos. Our LMS is user friendly, consistent, and intuitive.

Within BizLibrary’s library, it’s unclear how many training courses are competency-based. They have a collection of over 11,000 video lessons and courses. That's an overwhelming number of courses for learners to navigate. They have an inconsistent aggregator model with many different styles of training. It appears very time-consuming for training administrators to be able to review and assign the appropriate courses.

Safety Training

HSI has 2.7M online, award-winning safety training course completions a year. Our Safety Training Needs Assessment helps you connect the dots between your workforce training program and what the law requires. The HSI content department works with experienced experts who have worked in safety across multiple industries to ensure our content meets regulatory requirements and best practices.

BizLibrary partners with a Safety Training provider. Their training is not as dedicated or robust as HSI’s. BizLibrary only makes reference to basic training such as ladder and forklift training. You may want to ask a BizLibrary salesperson to verify how many safety courses they offer, what regulations the training meets, and who they utilize as content experts.

Industrial Skills Training

HSI has one of the strongest, deepest Industrial Skills training program libraries for utility and energy companies.. The training library with more than 480 off-the-shelf courses provides technical training for power, manufacturing, central utility, oil, and gas industries. Our comprehensive technical training provides a single source for preparing system operators, qualified electric workers, and maintenance workers to perform their roles efficiently and reliably. We offer off-the-shelf online or instructor-led training and custom development for your specific needs.

BizLibrary partners with an industry skills training provider. With only 7 training topics, their training does not appear to be as robust.

OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Training for Certification

HSI is part of an exclusive list of companies recognized as an OSHA-Authorized Online Outreach Training Provider for OSHA 10 and 30 training. HSI is also the only provider on the market to provide updated engaging content for OSHA 10 and 30 in both English and Spanish.

BizLibrary is not included on the list of OSHA-authorized companies for OSHA 10 & 30 training.

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Additional Content Considerations Between HSI and BizLibrary

Active Shooter Training

HSI Active Shooter Training teaches active violence emergency response training. You’ll learn how to recognize the signs of danger, react appropriately, and make rapid survival decisions. Our training empowers people to have a survival plan. We go beyond active shooter response training by also teaching how to control life-threatening bleeding. The training involves an instructor development course and on-site training.

BizLibrary only has one video that involves familiarization with basic response practices.

CPR, AED, and First Aid Training

HSI offers extensive CPR, AED, and First Aid Training. The programs meet the requirements of over 7,000 state regulatory agencies, occupational licensing boards, national associations, commissions, and councils in more than 550 occupations and professions. Training supplies, such as, AEDs, CPR manikins, are shipped anywhere in the U.S. HSI offers in-person training in all 50 states as well as providing blended learning and remote skills verification (RSV). The videos are engaging and come complete with skill guides and PowerPoint presentations. HSI also offers training to become an instructor. We grant reciprocity for current instructors of other programs.

BizLibrary does not offer CPR nor AED Training. Their First Aid Training appears to be limited.

First Responder Continuing Education Training

HSI offers over 100 online video-based, self-directed continuing education courses. EMS experts present engaging scenarios, and real-life footage to stimulate learning. Download our free Course Catalog by simply filling out a quick form. Courses meet current national EMS, fire training standards. They are approved for continuing education in every state. HSI is a CAPCE accredited organization.

BizLibrary does not offer First Responder Continuing Education Training.

HSI Biz Library Additional Content Considerations Comparison Chart

Additional Service Differences Between HSI and BizLibrary

Compliance & Safety Software

HSI’s offering in safety and compliance goes beyond simply offering training. HSI has in-depth compliance and safety software for the following: Safety Management System, Asset Management, Audit Management, Chemical Management, Hazard Management, Incident Management. Our configurable technology allows you to create workflows, automations, reports and more to help promote safety and compliance in your workplace.

These services are not referenced on BizLibrary’s site.

Website Course View

HSI shares 30+ full courses anyone can view right now for free on our website without having to fill out a form. Check out some safety videos and some soft skills training. And most of our full libraries are available in the course library section of our website in exchange for a little information about yourself.

On BizLibrary’s website, you can view 1-minute course previews.

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Pricing Differences Between HSI and BizLibrary

HSI takes time to understand your unique needs. We’ll meet with you about your training goals. You’ll receive a customized bid from HSI. Pricing is based on the number of users and desired number of training courses. And our LMS is included for most customers, up to a certain user amount. You will not receive any additional charges for features launched during the contract period.

BizLibrary’s website has an array of rate cards with different pricing tiers. Their site points out additional charges not noted on the rate cards: SAML/SKIM authentication, user feeds, learner certifications, localization services, data migration, integrations with other platforms. Their website does not note if they charge for features added during the contract period.

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