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The Respectful Workplace Toolkit

Meet your state sexual harassment training requirements while creating a culture that promotes a positive and respectful workplace culture. Inspire and enable your employees to do the right thing by treating co-workers with dignity and respect.

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Respectful Workplace Training Topics

We start with a foundation of training around sexual harassment. Many states now have state-specific requirements, and we have the courses you need. Our respectful workplace toolkit also includes:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Digital sexual harassment
  • Identifying discrimination
  • Dating at work
  • Civility
  • And more...
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See how we can help your organization

The Respectful Workplace Toolkit training features scenario-based videos that are realistic, interactive, and engaging. Research has shown that "active learning" increases knowledge retention and engagement. Watch the video below to see a sample of our scenario-based videos!

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