Distribution Training

Distribution Operator and Technician Training

Distribution operators and technicians have unique responsibilities on the power grid. As distributed energy resources and renewable energy becomes more prevalent, your team needs to understand the impacts on what they do while working with new and existing equipment.

We offer training for:

  • Distribution operators – provides a working knowledge of how distribution systems are configured and function while addressing electrical fundamentals, reliability control, smart devices, and safety
  • Relay technicians – focuses on fundamental training to quickly get technicians up to speed and provides progressive training to give your techs a defined career path
Power Distribution Simulation

Distribution Operations Training for Reliability

Our distribution operations training, includes the only utility-specific distribution simulator.

Distribution System Operations Overview

An overview of the modern electric power distribution system including distribution design, equipment, and operations.

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Distribution Control Center Operations Level 1

This program takes a deeper dive into the concepts of distribution operations including Basic Distribution, Electrical Safety, and Fundamentals of System Protection.

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Distribution Control Center Operations Level 2

This advanced program takes the training to the next level by focusing on Distribution Reliability, Power Quality, Planned Maintenance and Test Equipment, and Smart Grid Systems.

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Simulation Training for Distribution Operators

Also in this course students master Real-time situational awareness and decision making through 10 unique simulation scenarios. Using our proprietary distribution simulator, it reinforces concepts by giving students a hands-on approach to solving problems on an actual distribution system.

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Distribution System Operations Training

Relay Technician Training Program

This program provides a structured, fundamental curriculum to get your new hires up to speed quickly. Using a systematic approach to training, we make sure they learn what they need to know before they start your company-specific training.

As your employees progress, our program will provide increasingly advanced training, including simulation, putting them on a clear career path and helping you retain valuable employees. Statistics show 40% of employees leave within the first year because of poor training. Our relay technician training program will help ensure that doesn’t happen.

Relay Technician Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

How in depth are your substation training lessons?

We offer several options for substation training. Our Electrical Maintenance training trains workers on the basic information needed for substation work including AC circuits, breakers, and protective relays.

Our training has several levels for substation training, depending on your needs. Our relay technician training curriculum is designed to progress with your workers as their careers progress. It has four levels, including The Fundamentals, The Next Step, Advanced, and Simulation.

Do you offer distribution operator certification training?

Distribution operators don’t currently require certification. However, we offer an in-depth curriculum that ensures your operators are prepared for any circumstances they experience. Our training includes simulation to help students master situational awareness, decision-making, and action in Real-time emergency operations.

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