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NERC Certification Training for New Operators

NERC Initial Operator Training for less experienced students. Many system operator candidates come from the power industry. However, there are times when students don’t have an extensive power industry background or would benefit from additional information. Our Initial Operator Training program is designed to kickstart new recruits and acclimate them to the Bulk Electric System.

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NERC Continuing Education

Initial Operator Training Program

Our Initial Operator Training Program provides the training students need to launch their power industry careers.

This program is designed specifically to prepare students for the NERC Certification Exam, combining introductory courses with the NERC Certification: Exam Preparation Program. If you are new to the industry, this program introduces you to the Bulk Electric System and prepares you to pass the NERC Certification Exam.

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Who Needs Initial Operator Training?

  • New recruits
  • Line crews moving into system operations
  • New staff heading into Marketing Operations

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