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NERC Certification for System Operators

Our NERC Certification Program guides you through training designed with your end goal in mind – becoming a system operator.

Our training program is best-in-class with simulation-based scenarios for improved situational awareness. Be sure to check out our live NERC coaching details and get access to certified experienced teachers and a helpful team that cares about what you need.

We offer instructor-led and online training designed to help you pass the NERC certification exam. Our program will not only get you certified, but help you protect the reliability and safety of the grid – because reliability matters!

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NERC System Operations

NERC Continuing Education Hours

Once you’re certified, we provide a variety of online and instructor-led courses to maintain your certification. Our CEH classes include all the information you need to keep your industry knowledge fresh.

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Online Training Projects

NERC Simulation Training

Experience the pinnacle of training excellence featuring immersive simulation-based scenarios designed to enhance your situational awareness. Simulation-based training offers numerous benefits that can greatly enhance the learning experience and skill development.

Explore the comprehensive details of our live NERC coaching. Gain access to certified and experienced instructors and discover a dedicated team that genuinely cares about your needs.

NERC Simulation Training

Are You New to the Industry?

Our Initial Operator Training program introduces you to the Bulk Electric System and prepares you to pass the NERC Certification Exam. This program works best for new recruits, line crews moving into system operations, and new staff heading into Marketing Operations.

Initial Operator Training
Novice to Expert

North Ameican Electric Reliability Corporation NERC
HSI and HSI_SOS_001 are recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation as a continuing education provider who adheres to NERC Continuing Education Program Criteria.
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