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Build an Effective Training Program

An effective training program is an ongoing process. Reviewing and evaluating your program’s effectiveness is critical to giving your workers the knowledge to improve reliability and reduce risk.

Building an effective training plan provides a clear career development plan for your employees. While assessing a new hire’s experience or evaluating an incumbent worker’s knowledge, you can develop an Individual Learning Plan to enhance workforce knowledge and development.

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Building Training Program

Systematic Approach To Training

A systematic approach to training encompasses not only training development, but how your training program identifies and meets your organization’s needs. Using our experience, we evaluate and include your existing materials – so you don’t start with a blank slate. We adapt our efforts to meet your needs wherever you are in the process.

Areas of focus for your program include:

  • Gap analysis: what missing pieces are negatively affecting your training program’s performance?
  • Task list: have you included all necessary tasks and identified training related to them?
  • Capability assessment: how do you determine your staff is capable to perform their duties? How do you know if additional training is needed?
  • Employee progression plans: what training do employees need to move forward?
  • Training content development: how do you develop effective, engaging training for your staff? How do you use existing content more effectively?
  • Program documentation: how do you document and evaluate your training program and processes?
Systematic Approach to Training

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Are you an electric utility who has to comply with PER-005?

Our experts can help you ensure your program is PER-005 compliant, including job task analysis, capability assessment, company-specific real-time reliability-related tasks, and program documentation.

PER-005 Compliance
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