Ensure Your Training Program is PER-005 Compliant

You’re required to have a PER-005 compliant training program. The good news is an effective training program is a compliant training program.

We will make sure your program stays compliant and prepares your workers to perform reliably and efficiently. We help you lay the foundation for a training program integrated into your organization’s goals.

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PER-005 Compliant Training

Build An Effective Training Program

Our experience in both compliance and training ensures we understand the work necessary to meet the requirements and enhance your training program.

Our audit experience has helped us identify auditors’ concerns. We will help you prepare and manage documents and evidence for a smoother audit process.

HSI reviews:

  • Gap analysis and mock audit – what missing pieces are negatively affecting your training program’s performance? Are you prepared for your next audit?
  • Your task list – is it in the correct format? Is it organized to easily provide evidence?
  • Your capability assessments – are you prepared to demonstrate your operators’ capability to perform tasks?
  • Your program documents – have you sufficiently described your training program including your company-specific definitions, systematic approach to training, etc.?
  • Documentation – how do you document and evaluate your training programs and processes?
Build An Effective Training Program

Developing Technical Training Specific to Your Company’s Needs

As your team faces increasing challenges in keeping up with development, our Instructional designers supplement your team when needed – creating job task analyses, analyzing content, writing and developing training modules and much more. And, they have experience in industrial skills – power generation, electrical utility, manufacturing, and more – so they can develop custom training specific to your needs.

Technical Custom Training and Instructional Design Services
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