Management System for the Power Industry

Meet tomorrow’s power industry challenges with one platform.

Unlock the potential for success in power generation, distribution, and transmission operations. Today’s power companies need to prioritize risk mitigation, data analytics, and training and certification. The HSI digital platform will help eliminate the complexities of unconnected data, inconsistent training, daunting compliance obligations and regulatory protocols with the HSI digital platform.

Our platform simplifies operations in every corner of your workplace by consolidating systems and streamlining communication. Enhance workforce productivity, conformity, and continuous improvements with a single platform.

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Power Industry

EHS Management System for Utilities

HSI’s insights into the power industry helped us design a system specific to the power utility industry. We took the solutions that best fit how utilities function and grouped them in an easy-to-purchase bundle. You can start with one solution or all seven – whatever works best for you.

Transform your risk, develop your workforce, and prioritize your employee safety and grid reliability.

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Renewable Industry EHS platform: Offline Solutions in the Field

Single-Source System: Key Features and Solutions

Need different solutions than our utility-specific bundle? You can choose from any of our 30+ customizable solutions or begin with EHS Essentials. Whatever your needs, our EHS platform is designed to easily create forms, workflows, automation, corrective actions, and more. Our unified management software is the most efficient approach to incident management, safety enhancement, compliance documentation and workforce training.

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Obligations management software
Joshua Reilly, Safety & Fleet Manager – ED3

"Our lineman save 2 hours a day in administrative work by submitting inspections in the field through their mobile devices."

Joshua R.

Safety & Fleet Manager – ED3

EHS Management System for the Power Industry

HSI’s system is a single-source management software connecting your data management from workers in the field to managers in the control room to executives in the C-suite.

Incident Management

Incident Management

Empowers users to capture, track, investigate, and report on all incidents, near-misses, injuries, equipment outages, spills, property damage, and vehicle incidents.

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Asset & Vehicle Management

Asset & Vehicle Management

Ensure asset compliance across your organization and link to your safety and operational protocols. Conduct risk assessments, check service status and maintenance history and automate email alerts to ensure scheduled requirements are always met.

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Checklists & Inspections

Checklist and Inspections

Transform your checklists and inspections with world-class technology designed to drive smarter, connected, and frictionless experiences end-to-end.

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What are the next steps?

Identify Your Biggest EHS Program Gaps in less than 8 Minutes.

In the 2024 Global EHS Readiness Report, 46% of EHS professionals
highlight securing executive support for technology modernization as
their primary concern. Compare your readiness with more than
1,000 safety and compliance professionals worldwide to gauge your
maturity and preparedness for the future. After completing the assessment,
you’ll receive a customized report detailing your program’s strengths,
weaknesses, and potential areas for improvement.

Take the next step by talking to an HSI Account Manager. Explore
your unique results and how our comprehensive platform addresses
your vulnerabilities.

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EHS Diagnostic Assessment

Making the Case for Executive Backing in Technology Modernization

This research report summarizes a global survey of 1,000+ senior EHS decision-makers conducted by Focus Network, an independent research and advisory firm. It highlights key gaps and vulnerabilities holding back EHS programs and benchmarks preparedness across 19 industries, offering valuable best practices for improvement.

Advocate for your future! Utilize this report to:

  • Highlight real benefits and the positive effect on efficiency, productivity, and overall business results
  • Clearly outline how the proposed technology modernization aligns with strategic objectives, addresses current challenges, and supports long-term organizational success
  • Support your case with specific examples, potential cost savings, and competitive advantages
  • Highlight the benefits of streamlining workflows, improving collaboration, and staying ahead of industry trends
  • Underscore the importance of staying technologically competitive in today’s fast-changing power operations landscape

In a world where uncertainty is the only constant, investing in EHS software is an investment in the reliability, safety, and sustainability of your organization. It's not just about meeting compliance. It's about future-proofing your operations.

Download the EHS Global Readiness Report
EHS Global Readiness Report

Ready to see the HSI system live?

Gain insights from our experts on how our HSI system can enhance your power industry operations. Witness firsthand the solutions and scenarios you desire with a personalized 1:1 guided demo from one of our Account Representatives.

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