Learning Management

We’re changing how safety pros work

The rest of your organization is already working online: employees, managers, leadership.

Yet safety people are stuck with the business tools of the 90’s and impossible expectations, left behind the curve.

Without the right tool for the job, how can you be successful?

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Work smart

Safety is a big job. Work smart.

Take safety ownership to the next level with the only true job platform for safety professionals.

Earn support for the critical work you do to send your people home, safe, by reporting real safety metrics. Build a stronger safety culture by raising awareness.

Spend more time-solving safety problems with your workforce, and less time managing resources.

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Online Safety Management

Unified safety applications that handle key day-to-day responsibilities: schedule training, deliver training, combine courses and content, track safety data sheets (SDS), monitor chemical inventory, upload a written safety program, schedule a safety committee meeting, create a report for leadership, document compliance, etc.

Pull your entire organization together around safety, with one system.

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Modern Safety Experiences

Today’s employees expect to train with technology at work. All organizations can now deliver memorable online training experiences. You can bring safety to more workers, train them faster, and increase frequency. Quickly raise safety awareness, easily reinforce safe-working behaviors, and effectively standardize safety training.

Learn more about the total package of safety engagement.

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