HSI May Newsletter

HSI May Newsletter

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

While the concept of Total Worker Health is not new, leaders have come to realize that injury and illness prevention involves more than just going home with all your fingers and toes. When workplaces seek to improve the overall well-being of workers, the benefits include safety and productivity, plus added benefits of enhanced employee engagement and job satisfaction. If your organization isn’t promoting Mental Health Awareness Month, seek out online resources and local organizations like NAMI to promote whole person health and wellness at your workplace. Together, we can destigmatize asking for help, and strengthen our workforce.

To better support your workers, check out our courses on mental wellness and read How to Break the Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace.


OSHA Heat Standard Update

The Department of Labor has moved closer to publishing a proposed rule to reduce the significant health risks of heat exposure. If it feels like this has been going on for years, well, it has. However, the proposed standard on protecting workers from heat stress has finally moved forward in the process, and we can see this regulation become reality.

Don’t forget, the agency can currently cite employers for heat related illness and injury under the General Duty Clause.

HSI at Industry Events

If you are attending industry events, be sure to visit HSI. We would love to meet you in person!

New Courses

This month we’ve released 25 microlearning courses on the topics of drug and alcohol abuse, including DOT specific courses, ones for employees and managers, and one on Naloxone. In addition, we updated safety courses on Stairway Hazards and Rigging Safety, and both include multiple languages within the same course (let your employees choose which language to take!).

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Enhanced SDS search engine. Based on customer feedback and extensive beta testing, we’ve updated the SDS search for all our SDS management customers. There is greater flexibility with the search, more results returned, and a vastly improved process for workers needing to quickly look up an SDS with only limited information. For example, ever looked up a chemical and miss one letter in the name, garnering a zero search? Even with a few letters, the search results will list options that you can easily select and quickly access the information you need.

If your workers are googling SDSs vs. using the SDS management system you’ve purchased, check out the HSI enhanced search engine.


[On-Demand Webinar] What Safety Training Do You Need? Mapping Training to OSHA Regulations

Last month over 3,500 people signed up for our live webinar walking you through how to tease out OSHA training regulations. We shared tips and tricks to finding what you need to know in the thousands of pages of OSHA regulations, and a free assessment tool to help make this task manageable.

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[New eBook] Making Anti-Harassment Training a Positive Experience

Why do employees often loathe the annual harassment training? Explore the pitfalls of traditional harassment training and the benefits of taking a holistic approach to training that helps build a workplace where every individual feels heard and supported when issues arise.

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