Artificial Intelligence Learning Pathway

Artificial Intelligence Learning Pathway

Artificial intelligence (AI) sits atop everyone’s minds as it continues transforming the world of work. Our AI Learning Pathway combines compliance training and ongoing learning to cement the cyber concepts your teams are learning. A curated set of video-based training and reinforcement microlearning is critical for your employees and company to stay ahead.

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Learning for Future-Ready Teams

Forward-thinking companies will arm their people with the knowledge and confidence to leverage AI to maximize productivity and innovation without sacrificing employee inclusion and engagement efforts.

HSI’s AI Learning Pathway offers a multi-modal microlearning track to help your learners understand how to collaborate, solve problems, and thrive with AI. This expertly crafted Learning Pathway is a ready-made roadmap for learners so HR and L&D teams can seamlessly deliver brand-new, relevant learning that works best for today’s busy schedules.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training & Learning Content: 12-Lesson Pathway

Give Your People the Confidence and Acumen to Harness AI in the Workplace

This three-part learning series includes a 12-lesson Learning Pathway, supplemented by additional job aids to help your learners build and act on their new skills.

Courses are placed into a series that goes from awareness to application of learning to expanding employee knowledge on the topic. Courses in the Artificial Intelligence Pathway include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: What is AI?
  • Working with Data
  • Applying AI to Business
  • Storytelling, ethics and more!

Looking for even more training and content? Take a look at our Course Library.

AI Learning Pathway

AI Supplemental Learning Materials

Help your people put learning into action with Leadership Briefs and job aids that offer practical tips for using and collaborating with AI in the workplace.


  • Take 5: Artificial Intelligence Job Aid
  • Leadership Brief: The Advent of AI at Work


  • Leadership Brief: How to Solve Problems with AI
  • Leadership Brief: Collaborating with AI
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While we have a course library of more than 5,000 titles, let our experts design a curriculum that is proven to build and reinforce the skills needed to be successful in today’s workplace. Our off-the-shelf Learning Pathways do the work so you don’t have to.

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