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We want to give you the info you need to compare eLearning providers. There are hundreds of companies that offer eLearning training videos and learning management systems.

There are many similarities between these companies that may include: topic libraries; claims of award-winning, mobile-ready, microlearning videos; cutting-edge technology, etc. We are focusing on a few key differences. You can link to the pages below to see a side-by-side comparison of each eLearning company.

One of the best ways to compare employee training providers is to sign up for a free trial. With HSI you gain immediate access to our HSI Thinkzoom LMS and all courses in our Business Skills and Workplace Compliance libraries.

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HSI vs. LinkedIn Learning

From authoring tools to client/marketing collateral to help engage learners, find out all the differences between ourselves and LinkedIn Learning.

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HSI vs. BizLibrary

From regular content updates on down to quick implementation processes, learn the differences between us and BizLibrary as a content provider.

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HSI vs. SkillSoft

From a greater emphasis on microlearning training to a much more simplified content administration process, check out the differences between us and Skillsoft.

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HSI vs. SAP Litmos

From pre-built competency-based learning tracks to not having to getting our HSI LMS for free with the purchase of our off-the-shelf content, learn all about the differences between us and Litmos.

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