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Compare HSI with LinkedIn Learning

At HSI, we truly want to help you with your decision to source your eLearning content, whether you choose us or LinkedIn Learning. There are some key differences between the two, and you should know what those differences mean in terms of content and overall offering.

If you haven't signed up for a free trial to our HSI LMS, we encourage you to do so! Additionally, check out our Employee Training Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the employee training solution that’s right for your company. Here are a few differences that may help you with your decision as you compare HSI and LinkedIn Learning.

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Compare HSI with Linked In Learning

Content Differences Between HSI and LinkedIn Learning

Our goal at HSI is to provide your employees with just enough off-the-shelf training to improve the skills that will ultimately help your company be more successful. Our eLearning training content falls into our three primary video libraries:

Business Skills:

With our business skills training videos, your employees will benefit from courses on topics such as Project Management, Communication Skills, Leadership, Productivity, and much more. Check out our business skills course list here.

Workplace Compliance:

Our workplace compliance training courses will keep you in legal compliance with state and federal regulations while creating a respectful, safe, and fair environment for your employees. We even have state-specific compliance courses. Just look at the news - compliance training has taken center stage in the wake of many workplace scandals. Compliance training is no longer just about legal compliance, cost control, and "checking the boxes." At HSI, we view compliance training as more than a checkbox, but as an essential way to create an environment that is safe, productive, and ethical. Learn more about it in our white paper!

In our research, we did not find any courses in LinkedIn Learning's library for state-specific compliance laws.

Software Skills:

Our software skills library covers a wide range of topics that support employees with computer access on topics such as Microsoft Office, Gmail, Sharepoint, Quickbooks, and Windows.

LinkedIn Learning offers many similar topics, but they also offer specialized training in niche learning topics and personal development. If your learners engage in self-directed learning in many of their topics, you may be training them to take their skills elsewhere. We prefer to offer training that helps both the employee and the company become more successful.

A graphic designer in marketing may take courses on animation, motion graphics, and After Effects, gaining the skills to make them an appealing candidate for a video production agency. Or, a developer from IT may take courses on photography to take better pictures on his next vacation. While they are learning skills, they aren't using them to help your company grow.

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More Content Differences

Instructional Design

Our staff of expert instructional designers works hard to make sure our content provides learning that supports your objectives. Our instructional design methodology, centered around adult learning theories, dictates our course length, supports all learning styles, and drives our graphics, text, music, and pacing. There's truly a science behind the art of microlearning in our videos. (Learn more about our microlearning methodology in our free white paper, The Science of Microlearning.)

In our research, it wasn't clear if LinkedIn Learning uses instructional design in their strategy. We did find an online application where you can apply to join their team and become a LinkedIn Learning instructor. Influencers and thought leaders may create compelling and entertaining content, but will that help your employees learn the skills required to excel at their jobs and help your company grow?

Microlearning Videos

Our videos are all designed with the science of microlearning in mind, and one of the primary considerations we have when making content is the length of the video. We take complex topics and break them down into more digestible, short-form videos. Each video has a clear beginning, middle, and end, beginning and ending with a title slide and music, which signals the viewer and gives a consistent learning experience. Our courses can stand alone or be a part of a series.

Videos on LinkedIn Learning are also broken down into smaller bits, but the host begins speaking immediately with no introduction or indication that a new topic is beginning. The videos appear to be longer courses divided up into chapters. If you happen to search for a topic, chances are you might find a video that is actually a smaller chapter in the middle of a longer course. This can make the video feel abrupt and the content may assume you have viewed the previous chapters. There may be important context you're missing. In other words, LinkedIn Learning's videos don't necessarily stand alone.

Library Size

HSI’s curated content library is designed to make it easy for administrators to find exactly the right content they need. We eliminate the need to search through multiple videos covering the same topic to find the one that’s right for you.

LinkedIn Learning boasts a library of over 16,000 courses and counting. If you search for a course on how to leave a voicemail, you may have to sift through many similar courses to find the one that is right for you.

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Platform Differences Between HSI and LinkedIn Learning

Interactive Quizzes and Training Reinforcement

In our HSI LMS, all courses are immediately followed by a series of prompted exam questions (4tify Your Learning). Additional quiz prompts and a short video recap are emailed periodically over the next four months. This helps keep the training content top-of-mind after the initial training event is completed. These practical training reinforcement tools help create stronger content recall and application in the workplace, further supporting your learning objectives.

Some of the courses on LinkedIn Learning have exercise files available for download. Some have interactive quizzes and triggered training reinforcement, including video recaps, included in the days, weeks, and months that follow the completion of the video.

Personalized Support

As a client of HSI, you will receive continuous, personalized support at no additional charge. Our Learning Consultants provide high-touch service that begins with your implementation and continues with ongoing support throughout the duration of your contract. Each client is assigned a Learning Consultant who will remain with them to help with everything from learning to use the tools in our LMS, to helping you find the right content for your learners' needs and help you meet your learning goals.

In our research, we did not find any personal support from LinkedIn Learning. There is a live online chat and a way to create a support ticket, but no guarantee that you’ll get the same support every time.

Authoring Tool

Our award-winning, user-friendly eLearning authoring tool comes built into our LMS at no additional charge. You can record your own audio, or create short videos when you need to complement your usual training.

In our research on LinkedIn Learning, we found no offering of either a paid or free authoring tool. You can upload your custom content to the Learning platform, but there is no tool to record your courses.

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Additional Capabilities

Custom Content

Do you love the thought of creating your own custom courses, but feel stretched too thin? That's where we come in. You may have topics that are unique to your organization that extends beyond our library of off-the-shelf training content, but that doesn't stop us from helping you get the content you need. You can give us your topic and we'll work with you to script, storyboard, design, and film custom training videos with your input and approval at every step of the way.

It does not appear that LinkedIn Learning offers this capability.

Marketing Toolkit

As our client, we give you access to our Client Marketing Toolkit. This resource provides you with LMS support resources, tools to help your implementation, resources to help you promote training to your employees (like the Performance Reviews flyer here), and much more!

Free Trial (No Credit Card Required!)

Are you interested in seeing all of our content, exploring our authoring tool, and testing your knowledge with our training reinforcement? Sign up for a full-featured, full-library, 15-day free trial of our HSI LMS to get started! Simply provide your name, work email, and a campus name, and your trial starts immediately. With LinkedIn Learning, a credit card is required for your trial and automatic payment begins when your trial period ends.

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Why HSI?

HSI has been delivering the unexpected in the eLearning industry, producing award-winning training content and our LMS at no additional charge to our clients. Our learning consultants provide personal, high-touch service beginning with implementation and lasting throughout your entire contract.

At the end of the day, it's all about positive results for you. See the difference for yourself in a 15-day, full-featured, free trial of our HSI LMS. Sign up today!

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