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Compare HSI with SAP Litmos

Debating between using HSI and SAP Litmos as your content provider? We're here to help with your decision. We understand you have many options when it comes to choosing an LMS and content provider. As you compare HSI with SAP Litmos, you will see some key differences in our content, LMS, and service offerings. Both companies offer an easy-to-use LMS, but take two very different approaches.

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Compare HSI with Litmos

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By using HSI, you get just enough off-the-shelf training to improve employee skills that will ultimately help your company be more successful. Learn about some of the differences between HSI and SAP Litmos' content below.

Note: This comparison was taken in September 2020. SAP Litmos information and feature notes were taken directly from Litmos.com. We only publish data that we are able to verify on the website, take a screenshot and archive. You may want to talk to your SAP Litmos sales representative to clarify the differences.

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Content Differences Between HSI and SAP Litmos

Course Freshness

Fresh content matters, which is why HSI adds new or updated content every single month. Our courses have an average shelf-life of two years, and when we think they are outdated or need to be refreshed, we retire them. This means that you won't have to sort through multiple versions of anti-harassment law or cybersecurity training videos. The videos we keep in our library are fresh, relevant, engaging, and easy to find.

SAP Litmos claims to add new courses to their content library every single week, but it's unclear if they update old content, or retire old courses. You may want to clarify how content updates work with an SAP Litmos representative.

Free Access to Sample Videos

SAP Litmos allows you to sign up for a 14-day free trial of their LMS. This trial includes only 22 full-length courses. When we clicked on the "Course Library" tab and tried to search for courses, there were not always results for our searches. For example, searching "compliance" yielded no results and we could not find a full course list in the trial. SAP Litmos is a content provider as well as an LMS provider, so it's surprising they don't make it easier to sample their content.

HSI offers a 15-day free trial that gives you unlimited access to our entire video course library. Watch whole courses, enroll yourself in a learning track, and explore every single feature our LMS has to offer. You can even dive into our recording tool and build your own course! We're proud of our content and want to make sure that potential learning partners know exactly what they're getting out of our content library.

Consistent Learning Experience

When you watch HSI training videos, you can come to expect a consistent learning experience. Every video starts with a title slide with upbeat music and engaging graphics and an on-screen presenter narrates every video. Every training video is built around a concept to help build connections between the learning points and real-life scenarios. Take our recent course "Management is All About Character," which is a course that talks about building character. We designed that course around LEGOs to illustrate a building analogy. Or our course on "The Art of Saying No," which features famous works of art (because we all know that saying "no" is an art of its own!)

In the few samples of SAP Litmos content that we were able to see, there was a lack of consistency in the style and format of their training videos. Some videos had on-screen presenters and others just had voiceover. They used animations and sound effects, but there was a lack of consistency in the design style.

Instructional Design

Instructional design and adult learning theory are at the heart of every single course that HSI produces. We design all our courses on learning principles that appeal to adult learners. This keeps trainees engaged with the content and helps them retain as much information as possible. Our microlearning format helps to keep the viewers' attention and our unexpected design elements keep them engaged. You can learn more about why our formatting works in our free white paper, The Science of Microlearning.

It is unclear if SAP Litmos uses instructional design or adult learning theory in their courses. You may want to ask your SAP Litmos representative if they use instructional design.

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Learning Management System Differences Between HSI and SAP Litmos

Competency-Based Learning Tracks

Our learning paths are based on 36 of the Lominger competencies and are pre-built with all the courses in our library that fall into that particular competency. You can enroll users into tracks to help them achieve training goals, or users can self-enroll to engage in some self-directed learning.

SAP Litmos' LMS allows admins to build their own learning paths, but that requires tracking down all the courses you want to have featured.

Free LMS

With HSI, most customers get our LMS for free with any content purchase! You can test out all the features in our HSI LMS by requesting a free trial.

SAP Litmos charges for their LMS at different price points based on the number of users, whether or not you use their content library, and LMS feature add-ons.

Customer Service

When you sign a contract with HSI, you get a Customer Success Manager who will stay with you for the duration of your contract at no additional charge. Questions about what courses best fit your learning needs? Ask your CSM! Need some help navigating all the tools available to you in our HSI LMS? Your CSM can help you there. HSI support will always come from the same person who knows and understands your learning goals. We aren't just your training provider, we're your training partner. That partnership begins with implementation, where we help you step-by-step to smoothly implement your HSI learning solution.

SAP Litmos uses a ticketing support system to assist clients. You may not have the same customer service representative as before. They may not be able to form the kinds of relationships that HSI LC's have with clients, and won't fully understand your learning goals. The implementation process with SAP Litmos seems "DIY," but if you experience any problems you can submit a support ticket.

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Why HSI?

HSI has been delivering the unexpected in the eLearning industry, producing award-winning training content and our LMS at no additional charge to our clients. Our Customer Success Managers provide personal, high-touch service beginning with implementation and lasting throughout your entire contract.

See the difference for yourself in a 15-day, full-featured, free trial of our LMS. Sign up today!

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