Industrial Skills

NERC Certification Continuing Education Hours for System Operators

HSI provides NERC continuing education hours to help you maintain your certification.

Once you or your student is certified, HSI provides a variety of online and instructor-led courses to maintain your NERC certification. Our CEH classes cover all the information needed to keep your industry knowledge fresh.

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Industrial Skills FAQ

Online CEH Topics

Our courses are developed using a systematic approach to training and the latest in adult learning theory. Our online courses are available 24/7 and we report all earned CEHs to the SOCCED database.

CEH course topics include:

  • System Protection
  • Communication
  • Emergency Response
  • Renewables
  • Human Performance
  • Resource and Demand Balancing
  • Emergency Operations
  • Voltage Control
NERC CEH Training

Simulation-based Training

Simulation training for NERC CEHs challenges students to master situational awareness, decision-making, and action in Real-time emergency operations using our proprietary sophisticated simulation-based training.

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North American Electric Reliability Corporation NERC
HSI and HSI_SOS_001 are recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation as a continuing education provider who adheres to NERC Continuing Education Program Criteria.
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