Instructor-led Training

Enhance your training program with instructor-led training

Whether you’re looking for NERC certification or continuing education hours or hands-on training for equipment maintenance, our instructor-led training is developed and delivered by knowledgeable SMEs. Our trainers have years of experience in the industries and roles the training is developed for.

You can choose from public classes on our training calendar or schedule a private class designed for your personnel.

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Instructor-led Training

NERC CEH Training Topics

HSI offers instructor-led continuing education hours for NERC-certified operators with a variety of topics. All CEH courses include simulation hours on our proprietary simulator.

We build our training around adult learning theory, ensuring it conforms with NERC's systematic approach to training requirements. HSI instructor-led training takes the burden of certification maintenance off your training team, so they can focus on your organization’s specific training needs.

CEH courses include:

NERC CEH Training

Meet A Few Of Our Trainers

Andy Burch

Andy Burch, NCSO Learn More

Kelly Casteel

Kellycasteel Learn More

Guillermo Sabatier

Guillermo Sabatier Learn More

Train the Trainer

Training your trainers is as important as training your workers. The foundation of a successful training program begins with implementing a Systematic Approach to Training (SAT). Our train-the-trainer program focuses on SAT and includes a comprehensive curriculum to ensure your trainers know how to effectively develop and deliver training to develop reliable personnel.

Our train-the-trainer curriculum includes:

Power Industry HSI Advisory Services

Instructor-led Technical Training

HSI’s instructor-led technical training covers power industry distribution operators.

Topics include:

Power Industry Simulation

Live NERC Coaching

HSI is committed to helping students find success in passing the NERC exam. Our instructor coaching sets us apart from other programs. Instructor coaching is available for one-on-one guidance as needed. Our NERC Trainers can analyze a student's exam preparation history and recommend a path for success based on an individual's knowledge and experience. Students can take advantage of regularly scheduled office hours to ask questions and clarify topics as needed.

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Live NERC Coaching
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