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Simulation Training for the Power Industry

Online and Instructor-led simulation-based training for distribution operations and NERC certification transmission requirements.

HSI has a variety of simulation-based courses to help students master situational awareness, decision-making, and action in Real-time emergency operations. System operators can earn simulation CEHs easily on our transmission simulator through online training available 24/7 or with experienced instructors in instructor-led courses.

For students preparing for the NERC exam, our NERC Certification program is enriched with simulation for practical application of concepts.

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Power Simulation

Transmission Simulation

HSI Transmission Simulation training offers a highly effective and efficient learning approach that enhances knowledge application, decision-making abilities, and situational awareness while mitigating risks and providing valuable feedback. Incorporate simulation training to bridge theory and practice.

Transmission-specific simulation courses include:

Power Industry Simulation

Distribution Simulation

Our proprietary Distribution Simulator helps students master Real-time situational awareness and decision-making on an actual distribution simulated system. Our simulator is designed to train distribution system operators to perform normal and emergency tasks regardless of organization size.

Simulation courses include:

Simulation training is available through online or instructor-led training.

Simulation Training
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