HSI December Newsletter

HSI December Newsletter

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Just Released: Global EHS Readiness Survey Results

How vulnerable is your organization? What EHS risks are you missing? How does your work compare to 1,000 others across the globe? Focus Network and HSI have just released the Global EHS Readiness Index (GERI) Report. This report benchmarks the overall program maturity of organizations by assessing 10 capability factors for EHS readiness. This is the largest report of its kind and allows you to see how your organization stacks up. More than 1,000 EHS leaders contributed, 24,000+ data points were gathered, and 19+ industries are represented from six continents. The study also highlights the critical gaps and vulnerabilities holding EHS programs from progressing with confidence.

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New EHS Assessment Tool

Identify your biggest EHS program gaps in under 15 minutes by taking our EHS assessment. This assessment will benchmark your organization against over 1,000 global peers to from the GERI survey to uncover your EHS maturity, risk, and future-readiness. You’ll be provided with a personalized report of your EHS program exposures, vulnerabilities and capabilities.

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OSHA Rule Change: January 1, 2024

Are you ready for 2024 Illness and Injury Reporting to OSHA? The new rule change goes into effect Jan 1st and additional organizations will be required to report to OSHA that haven’t previously. You’ve got time to review the changes and pull together the data you need to be compliant.

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HSI at Industry Events!

If you are attending industry events, be sure to visit HSI in the expo. We would love to meet you in person!

Product Updates

New Course Series: Time Matters

The eight courses in this series cover the importance of tracking hours worked, understanding overtime rules, acknowledging time theft, and more. They were designed with both employees and managers in mind and can help you ensure you don’t run afoul of any wage and hour laws.

New Course Series: Contract Management

This new ten-part series takes a deep dive into all that contract management entails. These courses cover everything from the creation to the execution of a contract between people or entities. If you are involved in contract management at your workplace, this series is a must have!

New Course Update: Bloodborne Pathogens

Our second-most popular course received an update and we put our best team on the case to ensure every one of the thousands of completions each year are worth it. This course is ideal for general industry and construction workers and covers sources of BBPs at work, transmission, exposure prevention, and how to respond. Both the full and overview courses have been updated in English, Spanish and French Canadian.

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[New eBook] Making Anti-Harassment Training a Positive Experience

Explore the pitfalls of traditional harassment training and the benefits of taking a holistic approach to training that helps build a workplace where every individual feels heard and supported when issues arise.

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[New eBook] OSHA Safety Training: 5 Things to Know

Do you know the five basics that employers and EHS professionals need to consider when developing workplace health and safety training programs that comply with OSHA standards. We can help.

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[New Webinar] How ESG is Transforming the Future of the EHS Professional

You’ve probably heard the term Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and thought “that’s for large corporations and all about pollution and the environment. I don’t need to worry about that.” But ESG is more than that. And it is important for all types of businesses, small and large.

As an EHS professional, ask yourself what does this mean for my job and how can I be proactive and lead the way?

In this collaborative webinar, HSI Chief Safety Officer Jill James and Dr. Todd Loushine discuss the following:

Over 150 EHS professionals brought their experiences, ideas, and concerns about ESG and how it impacts their world. Watch now to see their insights and to learn more about the EHS professional’s role in ESG.

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[New Case Study] Improve Training with Emergency Care Solutions

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO and represents 1.72 million members in more than 3,000 local affiliates nationwide. Learn how they manage their emergency care training program.  

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