Provider Review: Safety Skills

Provider Review: Safety Skills
Safety training online is a competitive industry, full of provider options. To help you make a smart purchase, HSI does the diligence on quality, cost, and ease of implementation, offering an unbiased overview of the industry’s more popular vendors.
Based in the USA, SafetySkills develops high-end, competency-based, custom-built e-learning courses for environmental health & safety and human resources education. Established as a training company that has embraced the digital realm, we’ve been in the safety training business for over twenty years. We’re a smart, innovative company helping industries around the globe reduce their environmental and occupational risks.
SafetySkills was created and is overseen by experts in safety and environmental health. We develop all of our training materials internally, utilizing a dedicated team of graphic designers, web developers, project managers and customer support representatives, all under one roof. This allows for quick changes and customization with just one call.
SafetySkills online safety training courseware encompasses rich media animations, studio-produced audio, and 3D simulations designed not only to convey the subject matter, but to engage the learner.
Your learners won’t be able to go brain-dead, simply toggling through slides; rather they are continuously challenged throughout the course to solve puzzles, answer questions and interact with the training.
Because online safety training is NOT a spectator sport.
SafetySkills e-learning courseware is categorized by industry. The three main areas of product focus are environmental, occupational safety, and general safety training. Industries of service are then listed in order, as follows: colleges and universities, retail and grocery, hospitality and food service, oil and gas safety, municipalities, defense and homeland security, and general industry.
As with most online safety training providers, SafetySkills offers a two-part solution: online courses and a learning management system (LMS).
SafetySkills also promotes development of live training curriculum and the availability of instructional designers:
“Since 1993, SafetySkills has successfully designed, developed and deployed over 500 instructor-led EHS and emergency-response training programs in 14 countries and in six languages. We assist our customers with all aspects of the project including: gap analysis, curriculum development, instructor training, and delivery.”
Unlike many providers, SafetySkills has a high degree of pricing transparency. At $3 dollars per learner, per month, with a $100 monthly learning management system (LMS) fee, SafetySkills offers affordability with its base package. As with most online safety training providers, SafetySkills notes the availability of volume discounts. Pricing is described as “all-inclusive” and “…based on either the number of users who will utilize the training or the number of courses assigned, whichever works best for your organization.”
There are three pricing packages: Direct, EnterprisePro, and Course Licensing.
The Direct package includes access to hundreds of OSHA courses, how-to videos, courses descriptions, and options to upload company logos or branding to Safety Skills’ Learning Management System (LMS). Single sign-on access is included, along with custom training report options, custom field additions, and various admin features.
The EnterprisePro package features SafetySkills’ enterprise learning management platform, access to hundreds of OSHA compliance courses, and the option to customize courses and the interface for courses. The rest of this package includes all aforementioned features associated with the Direct package.
The Course Licensing package is designed for companies that already have a learning management system. So, the pricing in this package is tied only to the courseware—or content—offered by SafetySkills. The courseware is described as compatible with most learning management systems.
Additionally, SafetySkills markets a flexible “Pay-as-You-Train” pricing option; information available on request.
Over 100 OSHA compliance courses available through SafetySkills. The company says it publishes approximately 50 new environmental health & safety (EHS) titles annually. Here are a few notable examples…
Course Content:
SafetySkills has transitioned away from basic, static imagery as the focus of its courseware, embracing the simplicity of animation as the fastest route to publishing engaging new courses and expanding its library of niche products. Yet in many of SafetySkills Online Safety Training, computer-based training courses, use of narration and static imagery are still the primary supporting elements of the courseware.
In its modules, interactivity in the click-and-train style is the primary method of advancing to completion or working through courses. Animated motion graphics drop into frames as learners advance through the course modules. Course titles are said to be “competency-based” with each including a “competency requirement”, and testing is included in SafetySkills self-paced, elearning modules.
SafetySkills places an earnest primacy on updating its course catalog alongside of changes to regulatory requirements, and generally, a user-friendly approach to safety training and its learning management system (LMS).
We believe SafetySkills™ to be a re-invention of the way organizations deploy, manage, and track critical compliance and skills training for their employees. Through this approach, virtually any organization of any size can deploy and maintain a world-class EHS training solution that provides substantive, relevant training that ensures employee competency and organizational compliance without the significant investment typically associated with custom-built training solutions. All SafetySkills™ learning content is developed around a well-defined competency requirement, then learning objectives are determined, validation tests established and relevant references associated. The resulting product is what we call a learning element, the smallest indivisible component of all SafetySkills™ courseware.
To learn more and schedule a product demo, visit:
English; Spanish
Training Management Options:
SafetySkills offers a namesake proprietary Learning Management System (LMS). Currently on version 10.1, the system offers standard LMS functionality for administrators, super administrators, and owners, with regular data reporting options:
The SafetySkills Learning Management System (LMS) has built-in video tutorials to help its users, and comes in a clean, simple interface that doesn’t overwhelm you with data or options.
One question: is the LMS cloud accessible or is this software that requires download or installation?
Mobile: Yes.
Custom Course Development:
Yes. The ability to customize its courseware and add branding options to its LMS are major value statements for SafetySkills.
SafetySkills earns high marks for pricing transparency, flexibility, reasonable price points, and the capability to serve every customer on the spectrum with a large volume of compliance-driven safety titles. Less is said about implementation of its LMS and courseware, but its service is promoted as “white glove”. A courseware rating of average is perhaps the best characterization of SafetySkills’ content, factoring levels of gamification, animated graphics, interactivity, and overall production value. Its namesake LMS is pictured, but there’s not a wealth of information currently available for prospective customers doing market research; features and benefits of the LMS are standard for the industry. Courses span anywhere from 13 minutes to 41 minutes or beyond, for specialty titles like CA Sexual Harassment.
Answers to frequently asked questions about SafetySkills products and services can be found here:

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